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Macro Photography: Remarkable Bits of Life We Overlook

awesome: Tutsi man, 1923. "The Mohawk has often been worn to impress an adversary, to galvanize warriors in battle or to mark social status," writes ...

Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Ankle Boots the disco ball re imagined as an ankle boot

puking glitter is so sci-fi

Fit for an empress. Cross-Section of a Banana Under a Microscope.

space cowgirl, Natalie Wood.

Hahaha! Absurd...According to the makers of “Ostrich,” the pillow/cushion/bed/garment hybrid sports a “soothing cave-like interior” that “shelters and isolates our head and hands” to create a work-friendly “micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease.”

astronaut's wife / Jane Jetson's date night. Adore.

adorable little usb