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Spoon Tattoos

We're so proud that so many Spoonies have chosen to honor living their life with chronic illness with a tattoo honoring The Spoon Theory. If you would like to share yours - email me with a photo, your name / location and a few lines about you.

Article from for those that have tattoos. Could Melanoma Be Lurking Under Your Tattoo?

Tattoo Collection

Debbie Dorgan – Albany, OR; Always "type A" girl.Bout of mono 1999, long time sleep problems, fibro 2006. My late mother had lupus and my rheumy feels that eventually … So hard to learn "pacing" after an active life! I loved the tattoo ideas on BYDLS. Long surgical scar on my arm was the perfect place for it. The heart reminds me to try and love life always, the purple/lavender ribbon for fibro/invisible illness, and of course, a spoon!

Jay Sullivan – McGraw NY; I got the tattoo in honor of my girlfriend Joana. Joana's lupus has progressed and has affected her kidneys. She is now on a chemo/ steroid regimen.

Diane gendron - My daugther did this tattoo on my leg for me. My son, Andy-Gabriel, was diagnosed with Behcet's disease at age 3. He is now 17. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with the same disease. My case is a lot less severe. You can see my spoon on the left side of the phoenix's tail.

Susan Forslund- Before coloring and after! I have Lupus. Diagnosed 5 years ago, but symptoms go back nearly 20 years. I'm a teacher, and feeling extremely lucky to have enough spoons lately to maintain a relatively active life.

 Christle Waugh, Copper Hill VA – There is a cross on the end of the spoon handle. I may run out of spoons way before I would like each day, however, My spoon, my heart, my faith will always be with me. I plan to add a design around it and personal words of encouragement at a later date, but I need to heal first and wait for the right words. Have a spoon filled day and live life one spoon at a time! And always hold on to that one that holds faith, determination and your love for yourself.

Leah Marvin Clevenger -Phoenix AZ. I’m almost 35 years old. I suffer from Adrenal insufficiency and have been battling AI for 4 years now. I got this tattoo in March of 2012. It was a symbol of my acceptance, finally, that I have a chronic illness, and also that I will live on with it. There are little spoons hanging from the branches.

Yaya baez – Bronx, Ny - a I'm from the bronx. My mom has been suffering from Lupus for 7 yrs. She also has Raynaurd disease and most recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Sarah michelle laubscher Independence, MO. I'm 30, married for 12y & a mom of 4. My whole life has been affected by Fibro & CFS. I spent several years thinking that I could just "rest" and that I would feel better. I’ve been making some dietary/lifestyle changes in order to learn to live with my disease instead of just fighting it all the time. The change in attitude and lifestyle has helped. I still have to budget my "spoons" and there never seemed to be enough, but I am learning as I go.

Evonne Weese - MD I saw this pic on Pinterest and loved it!. I read a book on Lupus when diagnosed in 2008 noting the wolf reference: Wolf comes from the Latin Canis Lupus and the butterfly to represent new life. I thought this was a great representation. Oh, the spoons are because of the spoon theory of course. Every time I read it tear up. I got 2 since I also have Fibromyalgia.

Jodi Cascella Milford CT - I'm I'm 26 and I developed fibromyalgia when I was in high school. I got this tattoo back in 2005, because who doesn't need an extra spoon lying around!?

Candace Gonzales Casados Cheyenne, WY The Spoon Theory has helped my family/friends view life living with multiple diagnoses’. My nick name "Queen Cana, emerald for my husband, ruby for me, sapphire for my daughter; a heart for my family. The diabetes ribbon has "Faith,Hope,Strength,Courage. An infinity sign for unending love. I remember my Grandma who passed from diabetes complications. I see it as a daily reminder to live w/ an extra spoon & to keep going. My husband designed & tattooed it!

Nicki Arnold Swindle Alabama Another Sitting needed. One of my best friends is a tattoo artist. I read her The Spoon Theory and mentioned a spoon tattoo. She was so moved, she created this. The center spoon- represents that even when it is cloudy, there is still sun, always take life one day or one minute at a time & the key to our destiny is always there even when it appears hidden; pearl is my birthstone. We included spoons for my grandmothers, mother & MIL who all have chronic illness.

From Anchorage Alaska