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Urban Farming

HANDY STUFF & INFORMATION for small scale farming - tips and trix for urban garden or balcony farmers. THIS BOARD IS NOT ABOUT PREPPING. It´s for URBAN, and ON GRID(!) "farmers". NO propaganda. NO ADS or comercial links. Thanks!

Heirloom Seed Saving sharing site..

The beginner's guide to growing your own fruit

Free Kindle ebooks for a limited time - download to your Kindle or Kindle for PC now before the price increases. Follow board to hear about them first: Survival Seeds: The Heirloom Seed Saving Handbook

Propagating Blackberries~ Rooting Blackberries From Cuttings. But, be careful, in some areas these plants are ultra invasive, so make sure you REALLY want blackberries.

Use galvanized stock tanks to create raised beds and container gardens.

Growing potatoes in a laundry basket...would work for me, since I don't have a lot of space.

SUCH a great infographic! Love the part on companion planting! Gonna print it to hang in my laundry room :)

The 10 EASIEST Vegetables to Grow: Make this THE YEAR you start that vegetable #garden | via @SparkPeople #gardening

How to Use Wood Ash to Keep Chickens Mite Free

bean tunnel, veggie garden: fun way to structure climbing vine vegetables.

so many different kinds of apples: you have to go to an orchard for so many, or have an orchard yourself!