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Ethical Shopping Guide: a list of brands and companies with a conscience, on The Art of Simple.

PREP: Oregon-specific site with info on how to be prepared for an earthquake.

Nick Hanauer: The TEDTalk that was initially banned. Nick makes "audacious" claim that despite social assumptions, the rich are NOT job creators.

Homemade Electrolyte Drink - Don't Mess with

Ben and Birdy: Our Favorite Games {by Catherine Newman}

The Concerned Parent's Toolbox - 120 Tools & Tricks to Protect Your Kids (from

Basic auto upkeep tips—simple reminders for keeping a car clean and running smoothly :: Tsh Oxenreider/...

"Prayer: on the occasion of a family welcoming a baby" by Susan Gascho of Words For When Life Happens

How to Organize, Print and Backup YEARS Worth of Photos via

Tutorial – How to Design and Sew a Slipcover

Free virtual envelope app for iPhone & Android. Solves the issue of one spouse not knowing how much they can spend because they don't have the cash envelopes with them. Works beautifully with Dave Ramsey's plan.

Did You Know ? - Google+ - Our Earth, other Planets and Stars Size Comparison

Homemade Citrus Cleaner - soak orange/mandarin peels in vinegar for 10 days. Strain into spray bottle and use for non toxic cleaning on counters and bathrooms. (thanks to Clean Eats In the Zoo)

Printable map of the USA - LOTS of free printables for kids that are BEAUTIFULLY designed. Maps, flash cards, coloring pages, mazes, games...

Each member of the family has a mesh lingerie laundry bag. They put their dirty socks in the bag each night. Then when it's full, you wash the whole mesh zipped up bag, and give it back! No more sorting through and figuring out which socks are for which person.

*Excellent* 40 min summary on addictive foods + health turnarounds: Neal Barnard, MD