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Organize office space, organized desk, products and gadgets to help you organize your home office and desk space

110 Pins


  • 110 Pins

HDMI Coupler for In-Desk Power/Data Center- Bring connectivity to your #Power/#Data #DeskOutlet with this #HDMI Coupler, compatible with with MHO/MHO², Assemble, Assemble Reveal, Ellora, Axil, Glenbeigh, Interport, Miniport and more. Learn more at

#LEGO brick men are perfect for holding small #desk #cables!

LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders

Metal Desk Grommets - Attractive, low profile, stylish #metal #grommets route unsightly #cables through your desk, removing clutter and preventing possible #triphazards. Protects cables from abrasion due to rough surfaces. Perfect for the #office. Learn more at

MHO² Power / Data Distribution Center - #Power your #laptop and other items from the conference room #table. #Retractable power and #data center opens and closes with one touch, so you can quickly and easily plug your #electronics.

MHO2 Power Data Distribution Center

FSR T3U-3 Tilt Up Table Top Box - Equipped with 4 #AC Outlets and optional plates to allow easy access #power and #data ports. Low profile design keeps #desk area functional when connections are not in use. Accommodates standard snap-in and #keystone connectors.

FSR T3U-3 Table Top Tilt Up Boxes

AXIL-Z Flush Mount PDC - this #power and #data center sits inside your #desk or #tabletop and features a flat, unobtrusive profile. It's patented #waterproof #outlet design allows for maximum spill protection.

Edge Mount Power Data Center - bring #power and #data to your #desk with this convenient, reusable, remountable PDC that requires no holes or table cutouts (attaches to the edge of your desk via clamp).

Cable-Nook #TableBox - Complete Custom Connectivity on Your Conference Table or #Desk!

Byrne Electrical Assemble Reveal - An easy to install #DIY solution for workstation, #desk, conference room, & more...Designed to facililtate access to #power and #data as well as to keep the clutter of cables off your tabletops. A no-brainer anywhere connectivity access is needed. Has no impact on work surface and requires no holes to be drilled or cut.

Rubber #Desk #Grommets - add a clean and #professional look to your desk, keep #cables and #cords protected from abrasion due to sharp desk edges. A simple but effective solution to make your desk holes clean and elegant.

Kendall Howard Computer #WorkBench - an intelligently designed, versatile work station. This #modular system features shelves that adjust in any increment, a knock-down design for easy transport, and universal preset accessory mounting holes.

Computer Work Bench & LAN Station by Kendall Howard

ALTINEX Tilt 'N Plug #Tabletop Interconnect Box - Large range of blank, empty, or preconfigured sectional plates and Snap-in Connectors are available for customizing the TNP528 to fit your exact needs. Keeps your cables off the floor and out of the way. Check it out here:

Ellora #Power & #Data Box for #Table & #Desk - Adds a smooth, professional look to any table while offering power and data connections. Find out more at!

Ellora Power and Data Center for Conference Tables

Tilt 'N Plug Jr. #Tabletop Interconnect Box - Allows users to plug into #power, #data and #multimedia outlets, all in one convenient place. Each power #outlet even features a 6 ft. cable to connect to the source! While not in use, the unit closes flush with the table or #desk.

Miniport #Power #Data Center for #Desk or #Table - #triphazard prevention and convenience all in one versatile desk #outlet. Retracts when not in use & includes 2 blank ports for snap-in voice/data modules.

Miniport Power and Data Center for Desks and Conference Tables

Glenbeigh Simple #Power & #Data Solutions: #Desk #Outlets bring power and data conveniently to you. Retracts flush into your #desktop.

The #Cable Nook Interconnect Box allows you to #customize up to 6 different plates so you have the #connection you need, right there in your #desk.

This Cable Corral is a pretty sweet way to keep your cords organized and off the floor around your desk area.

Cable Corral and Cable Corral Jr. Under Desk Cable Managers

PowerTap pop-up Data Center brings the power to you! Flip it over when not in use & keep your desk looking neat & clean!

#Archer #ThisIsHowWeGetAnts #LANA

Cable Twister Giveaway. 10 Cable Managers Up for Grabs. They are cute and come in a variety of colors. #giveaway #organize office

Cable Organizer

Drawer organization

beautifully organized spaces | Arianna Belle The blog

Organizing the Office with the Martha Stewart Wall Manager - Clean Mama

De-Cluttering the Office with Martha Stewart - Clean Mama

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