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Did you know that Cabot is a cooperative owned by 1200 farm families in New England and New York? Check out the Virtual Farm Tours here

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Happy #FarmerFriday! This week farmer superintendent Jake Dyer from the UMaine Farm Program, the Witter Center, gives a peek into the University farm life! #farmer #farmlove #umaine #university

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

Cabot & Casella Waste in #VT have teamed up to wed alternative energy & waste! To read about this amazing new project, click through to the Montpelier Bridge's article!

Trash Power: Cabot and Casella Wed Alternative Energy and Waste

Have a safe & happy #4thofJuly! We hope you celebrate the birth of our nation with great food, friends, and family...and a spectacular fireworks display!

Fox25 Zip Trip piece w/ the Hansons - one of our farm family owners! with @MustBeTheMilk

TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite - [Transcript]

It's #FarmerFriday! This week meet Stuart & Jessica Ziehm of Tiashoke Farms in Buskirk NY. They share their feelings about farming, family, and their favorite cheesy meal!

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

It's #FarmerFriday! Meet the Laprises of EMMA Acres in Exeter, RI. The idea of family is in the very DNA of EMMA Acres – it’s named after the four Laprise children, Elizabeth, Matthew, Maggie, and Alex. Scooter runs a successful logging business and Cynthia is a full-time registered nurse, but taking precedence over everything else is cows and kids, often at the same time.

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

It's #FarmerFriday! Each Friday we feature an interview with one of the 1200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative, a reminder that Cabot is farmer-owned, and each farmer has a story to tell. This week on the blog are Hodge sisters Beth & Courtney, and their Echo Farm Puddings!

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

For this week's Farmer Friday, we visit 3rd Generation Cabot Farmers Rachel and Amanda Freund of Freund's Farm Market & Bakery in East Canaan, Connecticut. You'll love their answers, learn about CowPots and discover a great recipe for recipe for Tomato Cucumber Salad. Click through to learn more!

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

From our mothers, their farms and their families, Happy Mothers Day to you & yours!

Home - Cabot Virtual Farm

This little girl is now all grown up and attending Cornell for Animal Science and Dairy, and today she talks about life in one of the 1200 farm families who Cabot Creamery Cooperative! #FarmerFriday #farmlove

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

Our #FarmerFriday post of the Kennetts and Liberty Hill Farm made an appearance on #diginVT!

Farmer Friday: Liberty Hill Farm, Rochester, Vermont

It's #FarmerFriday! The Flood Brothers Farm in Clinton, Maine produces 5% of all of Maine's milk! Learn more & get Jenni Tilton-Flood's take on the farm life!

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social

These Backpacks For Cows Collect Their Fart Gas And Store It For Energy Each cow apparently passes enough gas to power a car or a fridge. Imagine the possibilities.

Laura and Almanzo style #littlehouseonthepraire

Sometimes a little snuggle with a friend is a great way to start the weekend. We hope you enjoy yours!

It's #FarmerFriday! Say hello to one of the 1200 Farm Families who Own Cabot Creamery Cooperative! In our new weekly feature, Farmer Friday, we chat with the Kennetts of Liberty Hill Farm in #VT

Farmer Friday | Cabot Social
  • Susan Strohl

    We visited Vermont 2 years ago and loved it! We also visited the Cabot store and stocked up.

  • Cabot Cheese

    So glad to hear! @Susan Strohl and it's awesome that you got to stock up on some goodies while you were here! --Rachael

  • Susan Strohl

    And we only buy Cabot block cheeses here in Pennsylvania too.

Congratulations in order all around for #UConn! This week, the University of Connecticut has collected two National Championships, winning both the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division I Basketball Tournaments. Next week the UCONN Dairy Program will be taking home another Championship, of sorts, when they collect the Top Quality Milk Award for their Region within the Agri-Mark Cooperative, made up of the 1,200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery.

UCONN: Championships Abound | Cabot Social

White Rock Farm, in Randolph Vermont- owned by Tim and Janet Angell. This farm has been in Janet’s family since 1791, the year that Vermont became a state. In fact, in 1991, when Vermont celebrated its own bicentennial, the White Rock Farm was honored as one of only seventeen bicentennial farms in the state. It’s an old farm with a great story. #cabotfarmers #farmfamilies #farmlove #ilovermont #history

Loving the weather lately.

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