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"Ine-cho, Kyoto gun Yosa It is confirmed that 200 funaya houses existed as of 2011.” Note: “Funaya” are houses built on the water’s edge with a garage like space for boat mooring beneath.

"Thirty-two Aspects of Physiognomy". Ukiyo-e woodblock print, about 1720’s, Japan, by artist Nishimura Shigenobu.

Geiko Tomoka (Pontocho) as Murasaki Shikibu at Jidai Matsuri, Japan

Vintage Japanese Matchbox Art

Path To Prayer, Hachimantai In Iwate, Japan

Genroku Style - Male Role 1905

taiko drumming | taiko_drumming_image1

Miyako Odori.   Maori, catching fireflies in a remarkable kimono with a unique design depicting the famous zen rock garden of Ryuanji Temple...

Woman, Cat, and Kotatsu Utagawa Kunimasa (1773-1810) Japanese Woodblock print (Ukiyō e) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Bell tower in Shuzenji Temple, Izu, Japan, Nov. 2013

Antique Bijin Silk Scroll by Yoshimura Hoka (b. 1906), a pioneering Osaka female artist.

Maiko Hatsuko and Maiko Hiroko 1920s by Blue Ruin1, via Flickr