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Educational Game Developers Teaching & Learning Circle

Entertainment games industry is now one of the fastest growing industry worldwide particularly in the last decade at the beginning of the 21st Century. The benefits of video games has beyond entertainment to missions and engagement tasks in education, business, and business are clearly established. at the 2nd decade of 21st Century

Cloud Storage Options__Data, Images & Video ( Utube Helpful Tutorial affordable options for tech innovators & entrepreneurs)

The Syrian Hebrew ancestors came to Cochin when Damascus was the capital of the Seleucid Empire inherited by one of two generals of Alexander The Great. Time was approximately 335 B.C.

Wide range of educational, training applications in health, medicine, science, arts enabling applications have or are in development. SDK promises to be a fertile ground for tech saavy innovators and entreprneurs in USA and around the world . Tech Innovators Family Circle (TIFC).

Kinect Windows SDK was first released in Nov, 2011 by Microsoft Company. Kinect 3D Camera + SDK allow development of variety of software tools and packages associated with the Kinect Motion Capture hardware that enables digital 3D motion capture. SDK stands for Software Development Kit.

It's been so long since Einstein said this profound philosophy. Why is it school system administration and policy makers do not understand this simple philosophy as we are now discussing "One Shoe Fits All" Standard Testing that over 40 States accepted just 2 years ago ?

Kinect: Dance Central Full Motion Preview with Jessica Chobot

  • Avi Dey Kinect Dance Application For Dance Choriography to tell our American Civil War (1862-1865) as is this beautiful modern dance chorigraphy & female vocalist song done by Kostya Koval.

  • Avi Dey Use Kinect 3D Camera for my Civil War Songs , as big step in applying new tech as Kinect 3D to story telling by music and dance. A new frontier of telling our American Civil War Story (1862-1865) is dance chroiography such as this one. I. The vocalist element can be used to return five generation to Memoryland Virginia 1864. Modern dance chriograpy part of our American Civil War story telling ?

KInect 3D Application For Physical Therapy:
 Reflexion Health uses Kinect for Windows to bring physical therapy into patients’ homes

  • Avi Dey

    Does anyone have actual experience in using this "Kinect Tool" for this physical theraphy applicaiton ? It seems to me this application if really helpful can also be applied to learn and image heritage dance teaching and learning as well ?

Astroid Threat, Mr. President ? What Astroid Threat ? "Near-Earth Objects, Finding THem Before They Find Us" by Donald H. Yeomans, Princeton University Press, 2013. (This book available at Fairfax County, VA Public Library at Your neighborhood or mine).

Prelude to Our Journey East to Waldenthree Twin near Cochin, India. A Promised Land By Sea.. A On Going Conversation and Dialogue at Fairfax Underground Community Forum at Metro DC Hub. Welcome Older Wiser Learned Engnineers and Scholars (OWLES !) at your community and mine. Please click on photo to come to our ongoing forum at Fairfax VA, Hometown USA.

Twin Box Social Learning Healing Educational Video Game Developers__Self Help and Mutual Help.

A Set of Useful Blender Tutorials for the novice as well as geeks looking to add Blender 3D Skills reportoire for game applications and web design particularly.