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Caitee Crichton

Caitee Crichton

20 years old. I have a lot of things I want to do before I die, and things that I love. Hope you enjoy seeing them :)

(From your wife )Its been a tough year ! 2013 will go down in the books as the worst year ever ! I became a nurse and a doctor this year . Running IV meds for my husband which kept him Alive this year . He ate no real food at all . TPN KEPT HIM ALIVE ! 9 hr surgery will be on 3rd of Dec 2013 hope its the last . Only by the Grace of God! I pray the worst will be over for him . He is so tough ! So what is Love to me ? Helping and doing everything in your power to Keep your partner Alive when they need you! I PRAISE YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME STRENGTH . Never Give Up :)

Super creative & cute for a boyfriend. Fave picture & song lyrics combined into one!

I made this for Charlie and mines 1st anniversary!

1st anniversary gift idea - Men's Anniversary Gift - by SimplyYoursByDesign on Etsy

Bridal party photo after rehearsal diner

Might do this, I hate when wedding party wears flip flops, so not classy. Love that they are cushioned. super adorable in lace. comfortable shoes for a reception. plus they are $6

I love this.. I think this is a great idea (can't remember if I already pinned this but it's awesome)

University of Georgia Bulldogs State Hat by Chasing Elly on Etsy - I'll take one asap please!

Here is a list of negative calorie foods. What it means is that when you eat these foods raw or in some cases slightly cooked with nothing on them your body burns more calories digesting and processing them than what is in the actual food itself. For a healthy weight loss and a little boost add some of these foods to your diet each day. Most are full of nutrients and wont weigh you down.

AWESOME list of 100-calorie snacks that actually keep you full! No more 100-calorie snack packs that leave me starving all the time!

After 8pm List // make a list for yourself that includes healthy late night snack options and place on your fridge, need to do this! #healthy #snackattack #weightloss


Puzzle sandwich crust cutter // this is awesome!

Cowboy Boots with the dress and turquoise! .. This is perfect! @ Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!

I love the idea of having a giant cheesecake at my wedding! especially since neither of us like cake!

lace wedding dress lace wedding dresses - very pretty!

Hahah! Oh baby you don't gotta ask me twice. :)