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You Can Build a Smoker from a Filing Cabinet - Bon Appétit

You Can Build a Smoker from a Filing Cabinet - Bon Appétit

How to Build | shipping containers

How to Build - Tin Can Cabin

Aluminum pop/beer can solar heater (solar forum at permies)

Simple Graywater Systems

Tons of solar dehydrator designs, plans

How to make a homemade Pizza Oven

DIY ~ Bio fuel briquettes, compress paper pulp and sawdust into fuel bricks.

Build Naturally...Blog: Finish Clay Plaster Recipe & Wall Preparation

Down to Earth Design - online articles on natural building & sustainable design

Drywall Plaster Notes from Denver | The Canelo Project

Driftless Farm Greenhouse, Wisconsin. A 2800 s.f. straw-bale insulated solar greenhouse. Whole tee supports made from site-harvested black l... the larger the pit system, the more stable the temps

Pit Greenhouses

An easy way to warm up and bring light into your basement. Build a mini-pit greenhouse on the south side of your home.

Very cool idea! DIY Terra Cotta Meat Smoker {Tutorial}

wilipini underground greenhouse in zone 4b, going to grow citrus