For the record-- I will NEVER get 'fearless' tattooed on me. No one is truly fearless. Tis word is far to overused, and I hate it. I simply pinned this for the different fonts. This will help me decided which style to design my own in.

Fearless white ink tattoo. i want this one!! then the music heart right under it on my left wrist

Fleur de Lis tattoo and Faith (in French) on my ankle!

Fleur de lis tattoo | Tattoos...def set on this placement, but different fleur de lis design

Fleur de lis tattoo | Tattoos | Pinterest

fleur tattoos - Yahoo! Image Search Results

fleur tattoos - Yahoo Image Search Results

I actually kind of like the idea of an all white fleur de lis tattoo... even easier to hide! that is if I ever do decide to get one

I'd like "la vie en rose" with a little fleur de lis instead of a heart