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You'll always remember your First love- and sometimes like in a fairy tale, you end up married to them years later, after you've learned the lessons you're meant to learn :-)

It never does:( Thats why we ALWAYS get back to each other.. I am a very lucky girl to be his first Love ♥ It is permanent, and no one can change it. . . We will always love each other. Whatever happens

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Arguably one of the best moments from the O.C. ever.

  • Minni Coopz

    When they get back together with the Spiderman kiss is the cutest ever :) :)

I seriously need to have a marathon day of this show soon.

Save us, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • Dorine Lanni

    yo, maryn - I got some Firefly pins hither and thither.....been thinking of makin' a board for the Malcolm Reynolds Gang. you might want to grab some of the pins if you like them... I go a tad apeshit when I see something related to Firefly; iy isn't the most popular sci-fi series, unfortunately. BROWNCOATS UNITE!

  • Maryn Edwards

    Thanks for telling me! OMG I LOVE FIREFLY! I have some shiny stuff as well, but some is not pinned yet (stuff I've made, painted, etc...) haha we Browncoats do have to stick together!

  • Dorine Lanni

    O . O I lack the manual dexterity necessary to create artistic visuals of anythin' other than Abstract/Surreal (i.e. - cain't draw for shit). I'd LOVE to see them. *My* fave episode was Jain as a hero on that backwater planet...

  • Maryn Edwards

    Haha they'll be up in a 分钟. I've been having a mite of trouble with my tablet :/ It doesn't like to upload pins, but I'll get to work fixin' things.

  • Vic wales

    I just finished watching all 8 movies...again's a summer tradition!

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