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Northern Lights over a graveyard in Kabelvaag, Nordland Fylke, Norway • photo: nb_harstad on Flickr

Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia, Matt Madden & Kim Vallis

Giant’s causeway - A magnificent basalt hexagonal rock formation in Ireland.

They forgot about the sun when building this bridge...

Ukrainian Church, Alberta

Stalker castle

21 sagolika slott från hela världen – från Disney till Dracula

Bavaria, Germany • photo: Rico on 500px

Cabins by Rico | 500px

Holi Festival. A Hindu spring tradition where people throw brightly colored, perfumed powder at each other in celebration of spring!

Kolhapur hosts the worlds tallest Lord Ganesh idol (85 feet) at Chinmaya Mission near top-Sambhapur.

This is a picture of the Hindu Temple Shiv Mandir in Bangalore, India -- a 65ft statue of Lord Shiva. It was interesting how peaceful it looked and how the temple is very symmetric and balanced.

Shiva is a major Hindu deity, and is the Destroyer or Transformer among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. He is regarded as the most powerful god in Hinduism. In the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is the Supreme God and has five important works: creator, preserver, destroyer, concealer, and revealer (to bless).

Chateau La Gaffelière - Saint-Emilion, France♥

Black with White House

Hohensalzburg Castle,Austria :

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Austria

Lindisfarne Castle, from Gertrude Jekyll Garden, Holy Island

Abandoned asylum, but looks more like an old farmhouse.

sunshine and lightning. wow!

COLORS - Community - Google+

Misty Morning at The Dark Hedges in Co Antrim, Northen Ireland. The Dark Hedges is an avenue of 300 year old beech trees. Beautiful place.

The Dark Hedges

Franklin Castle, one of Ohio's most notorious haunted places. For some reason, spooky old houses fascinate me.

Franklin Castle

Medieval Portal, Jedburgh, Scotland

Alpine Lane | Switzerland

Mountain Road, The Alps, Switzerland

redbrickfarmhouse: Weimar (via 500px / Weimar by Maxi Mori)

Abandoned castle in Lapalice, Poland by aistekanc, via Flickr

Uspenskoe Mansion, Moscow area, near Zvenigorod. One of the last owners of this castle was Sergei Morozov, who allowed many prominent Russian painters (including Levitan) to live in this house.

Dark Roasted Blend: Abandoned Castles of Russian Countryside

Abandoned, County Kerry, Ireland

Abandoned, County Kerry, Ireland

Ancient temple ruins in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. The intricately carved bottom stone is called the ‘Moonstone’ and the steps lead to a still intact, sitting Buddha

Eliseevsky grocery store, um... wow!

Eliseevsky grocery store, Moscow » Retail Design Blog

Michigan Central Railroad Station  Gateway to immigrants and visitors to Detroit for decades, Michigan Central Railroad Station saw millions of people pass through its doors. Now a massive ruin of eerie proportions it houses a single visitor. Partially visible in the right door, a local wino has taken refuge from the misting rain with his bottle of wine.

Footbridge in the forest of Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington

Stephen Penland: Mt. Rainier Landscape Photography

Sternberg Mansion in Wichita, KS is almost 8,000 sq. ft. with a full basement and four floors above that. It is quite taller than it appears here with chimney's about 45 feet from the ground. Sternberg Mansion has 7 porches in all, five fireplaces and an original 4-light gas newel post lamp in addition to approximately 90 windows. There are a variety of original (1860 - 1880) kerosene pull-down lamps throughout the mansion and it is (or was) mostly furnished with original furniture from the period (1870s - 1880s) including intricately woven portieres and tassles from the late 1800s.

"...and the memory remains" - © Luís Jordão

... and the memory remains ...

The Lennox Castle in Lennoxtown, Scotland.

Abandoned Building with old Advertisements in Newark, NJ. [1634x2467] - Imgur

Abandoned Tillamook Railroad, Oregon

Dusk, The Netherlands

Dusk, The Netherlands

Tegfynydd was originally a Georgian house, but was replaced and renovated circa 1885 by Christopher Morgan, to a Victorian Gothic house and is thus very untypical of the Carmarthenshire home. Wales.

TEGFYNNYDD, Llanfallteg, Carmarthenshire

Tegfynydd, Carmarthenshire, Wales. These are part of a series of photo essays that Paul White has created about the many abandoned houses outbuildings all over Wales. His work is incredible!

Flickriver: Photos tagged with derelict mansions

Beautiful, but abandoned. The cemetery church in Agecroft, Prestwick (England)

Flickriver: Random photos from Old Churches pool

Abandoned Mental Hospital

RUINS OF DETROIT by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre National Bank of Detroit

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography - The Ruins of Detroit

"Old run-down Victorian...could be so lovely again!"

Cochem along the Mosel Germany- Picz Mania

Cochem along the Mosel - Picz Mania

The once-proud Hearthstone Castle sits abandoned in Danbury's scenic Tarrywile Park, a forgotten edifice now boarded up and home to tangled weeds and various opportunistic critters. It was built in 1897 abandoned in 1985.

Hearthstone Castle, Danbury | Damned Connecticut

Lichtenstein Castle, Germany, from Iryna

Ksiaz Castle in Wałbrzych, Poland

Ksiaz Castle, Poland (by Aisog) (All things Europe)

The abandoned Glucksdahl Community Church in North Dakota.

Forgotten Barn

Cliffside Castle, Renne, France

The surreal Dunnotar Castle ruins - Stonehaven, Scotland.

Dunnotar Castle - Stonehaven, Scotland - William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, the Marquis of Montrose and the future King Charles II, all graced the Castle with their presence. Most famously though, it was at Dunnottar Castle that a small garrison held out against the might of Cromwell’s army for eight months. By the close of the 14th century, Dunnottar was firmly under Scottish control, under the Clan Keith.

The surreal Dunnotar Castle ruins - Stonehaven, Scotland (Castle Trail)

Medieval, Castle Romrod, Hessen, Germany. photo via igor

The Château de Chillon (Chillon Castle) is an island castle located on the shore of Lake Geneva

30 Most Beautiful Castles in The World

Burg Eltz Castle, Moselle River Germany

30 Most Beautiful Castles in The World

Burghausen Castle: Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, Germany / photo by weram

Schloss Bürresheim, (Bürresheim Castle) 56727 Mayen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Mysterious Peterhof, Russia. Looks like a beautiful version of the castle in the sea, from Ink Heart.

ItsSelected: Mysterious Peterhof, Russia

Drachenburg Castle, Germany

Stunning Views: Drachenburg Castle, Germany

Hunyad Castle, Transylvania, Romania.

Repiny - Most inspiring pictures and photos!

Moyland Castle, Germany - The former fortified farm (1307) was redesigned into a classic Gothic castle 1345-1355. Since 1997 it is a museum and houses the private art collection of the brothers Franz Joseph van der Grinten and Hans van der Grinten.