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A sweet saying my Mom has told me. She bought me a antique plaque with this cutely written on, which I now have posted above where I hang my coat :)

From what i've heard it sounds like he's been pretty great! Even if its scary, which it always is to give your heart to someone, Enjoy him for him today and enjoy the happiness you feel... You deserve it!!! Love you lots The Leading Hello Believer Site on the Net

These words give me hope because the closer I have gotten to you the more YOU are where my mind wonders! Its amazing how far I have come since I have put my heart and soul in you The Leading Baba Loud Site on the Net

Girls, stop waiting for that 'perfect' boy. He's not out there. There's no such thing as fairy tales. Your life isn't an 80's movie. IF you push that boy away, he's not gonna come back and comfort you. He's gonna leave. Life isn't like a movie. Stop expecting it to be. BUt there is such thing as love. So find it, just with your hopes not as high. -Reality.

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My homework: To believe I am enough. I tried hard enough. I am good enough. I am not perfect, but I am worth loving, committing to, respecting and partnering with - just as I am right here today. I am not crazy, or unreasonable, or unacceptably sensitive. If I'm not your bag, ok. But that is your choice, not my failure. I am enough.

..and don't ever be afraid or ashamed to be your own best friend when the rest of the world has turned its back on you...because at the end of the day..if you can learn to quiet your mind and truly be honest with yourself about all of your shortcomings and successes..there is not a single thing anyone in this world can say to you that can bring you down..

This Is How Much I Miss You Quotes - So You Know How Much It Hurts To Miss You - Funny Animal Pictures With Captions - Very Funny Cats - Cute Kitty Cat - Wild Animals - Dogs

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awesome U miss U, I miss you - Funny Quotes

U miss U, I miss you - Funny Quotes - | Funny Vooz pay attention to how you are reacting to life, stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Find yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, trust yourself and your intuition will tell you when you're falling into this trap again. ♥