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The first novel from up and coming author Joel Cobbs, You Found Me, perfectly captures the struggle of a young man, Rob Thompson who tragically loses his mother. Rob uses various methods to cope with his loss, but none seem to quite suffice. Rob reaches a point in his journey where he questions "what can you do about the cold image you find in your soul; when you've become the very person you hate and despise. When your heart is gone." Cobbs does a great job at balancing the very real struggle of Rob's present loss with flashbacks to Rob's past so that the audience gains a full picture of who Rob is and where he comes from. The twists of this novel will keep you on your toes and make it difficult to resist continuing to read to learn where the story will go next. Even if you've never dealt with a loss like Rob's, I highly recommend this novel to anyone who could use a little hope in the midst of a difficult situation or a reminder to appreciate the loved ones you do have in your life.