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Need a summer drink to cool you down? From the #RRMenuPlanner, mix up a pitcher of Bourbon & Peach Sweet Tea Punch for your patio party! -4 cups sweetened ice tea -3 cups bourbon -2 cups bottled peach nectar -1 cup fresh lemon juice -fresh or frozen sliced peaches

Bomb Pop drink: a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, a shot of UV Blue and a drizzle of grenadine

Ready made cocktails in mason jars. Great party idea i would put some cute labels on them too!

Say cheers to the New Year with these festive number ice cubes. Or... USE THEM FOR A BIRTHDAY! Freeze water tinted with food coloring (or juice) in number-shaped ice trays.

Dangerously Delicious! One package of chocolate pudding mix, half cup of vodka, half a cup of baileys, one cup of milk, whisk together into little cups and refridge for thirty min. top with whip cream! Christmas eve treats? Yes!