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Cheetah and Leopard Print

I adore leopard print...I love it so much, I want my coffin lined with it when I kick the bucket.

May I have the boots AND the backdrop behind them? Please?

Perfect for a fall day...that sweater just looks so comfy.

animal print - Laurice Womens Fashion Tops

Okay, this neither a cheetah nor a leopard; it is an ocelot. Still, look at those gorgeous spots!

The cheetah may be the one of the world's fastest land animals, but even it can't resist stopping to snort the dandelions.

Stop to Smell the Dandy Lions

Tess Munster shows off her Pebbles Flintstone costume...rock that leopard print, Tess! (via Dynamite Dames)

Sparkly leopard print stilettos...hello, Saturday night out on the town! Definitely for those with strong ankles. (via I Love Cute Shoes)

Even little fashion mavens can rock the leopard print pants. (Halis World via I Love Cute Shoes)

I'll let the submitter's (who I SWEAR is my long lost twin) caption speak for these Oh-my-god-these-are-awesome-beyond-awesome sneakers: "Happier than a bird with a french fry! Found some leopard print twinkle toes! Yay for having a big ass and tiny feet! I LOVE SPARKLIES!! No matter how old I get! Whats your favorite thing that's stayed with you your whole life? Mine is glitter, animal print and the color purple!" (via Plus Sized With Tats)

Leopard goes perfectly with a black/cream combo, don't ya think? (via amiclubwear)

Ah, three of my favorite things in one picture: P!nk, short pink hair (in a pompadour, no less!) and leopard print. Stay awesome, P!nk!

Pink's Glamour June Issue Photo-Shoot

The hair, the lips, the flower, the bathing suit, the curves, the ink...I love it all. Huzzah! (Shalynn Monrose and Vargas Photography via Big Hips And Red Lips)

Not a leopard or cheetah, but this is a Margay. What cute eyes and pretty spots! (via Kittyflix)

Turquoise and pumpkin orange leopard print? Sure, why not? (via SheFinds)