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Colorful Hair From Blonde to Purple

Hair that would make Rainbow Brite smile, in every shade under the sun.

Na na na na na na na na, bat butt! Of course, the dark pink hair grabbed my attention first. (Bat Panty by abigailgreydanus on Etsy, $80.00)

The hair: AWESOME!!! The clothes: Erm, ah, not for me...why is she wearing a belt with latex pants?!?

"Which way to the Katy Perry video shoot? Damn, lost again. Maybe Kesha needs an extra."

Neon red hair...niiice! She kinda looks like Ariel or Jessica Rabbit in Catwoman's suit.

This is a wig, but I can see someone doing this to their own hair. That requires some serious sectioning and/or a box of foils.

For those who'd love a pop of color in their hair, but can't dye their whole head or need to stick to a dress code. This definitely has a bohemian air to it.

With hair that pretty and sunglasses that snazzy, who needs pants?

The lavender hair is pretty and so is the outfit, but the tights sell it...those tights are so PRETTY! (Macaroons by Julia Galdo, via Behance)

Turquoise has never looked so cute...even the wallpaper is nice! (Macaroons by Julia Galdo, via Behance)

Fade to grey has never been so lovely...yes, the Visage song comes to mind.

Lovely purple hair deserves a lovely haircut to compliment it. Nice shirt too!

That's an interesting hair color...peach colored hair with slight hints of pink. Definitely different! (Shit We Love: Pastel Hair)

What better an colorful hair tips? Two color hair tips! (Tizas de colores para el pelo © Carlos de Lucas)

The only thing cooler than her hair is the shirt! NICE shirt! (Tizas de colores para el pelo © Carlos de Lucas)

Colorful streaks on the back of the head...perfect if you only want a pop of color or if you want something different and can't dye your whole head. (Tizas de colores para el pelo © Carlos de Lucas)

Her hair, lips and nails all match so perfectly...why do mermaids come to mind? (Tizas de colores para el pelo © Carlos de Lucas)

Her hair compliments her eyes! (Tizas de colores para el pelo © Carlos de Lucas)

Now THAT is one badass pink ribbon project. I bet she was a hit at the local Relay For Life. (via Breast Cancer Awareness)

From the submitter, Project Pinup: "The lovely KandyK modeling my skeleton hair clip! Isnt she adorable? Shot by Mannon Pictures, shirt by @sick kat customs and shorts by Steady Clothing." She's more awesome than adorable to me, but I still like the look. I love the hair, the hair clip, the nails and the ink!

Wow...just wow. I love the gradient from navy blue to seafoam green. It's the perfect mermaid hair! (via I Love Cute Shoes)

The only thing more awesome than the haircut is the color combo...who'd thought that orange, pink and purple could get along so well? (via InPlus Magazine)

Victory roll for short hair tutorial. LOVE the pink!

I like how the roots are blue but the hair is bleaching, but backwards. Awesome haircut, too.

"Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug Contest! via" See, short hair CAN be curly!

Chunky haircut deserves chunks of colors, right?