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8 Creative & Private Garden Fence Ideas and How To Make A Fence Taller

How to Deal with Squash Bugs. These buggers will eat everything. Plant mint, chives and tansy right with the squash.

Phase one of walkway done with a rockform, can't wait for phase two in the morning and staining in a few days!

Work a bag of dry concrete mix into the soil where stone is to sit, lay stone, water it all in so it sets just like Jello only harder!

Glue a rock to the top of a empty pill bottle, bury the bottle so that only the rock shows. A spare key is hidden inside!

Katy- Rabbits are housed right over the compost piles, for automatic blending of manure with kitchen and garden refuse.

This is gold! You put in your zip code, and it tells you what plants you should be planting now. You can even look ahead a few months to plan out your garden!