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Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour

I'm thrilled to achieve the best of both worlds -- prime time specials at ABC and weekday shows around the world at CNN International!

Bahrain arrests human rights activist:

Journalism students explore the different perspectives and conflicting narratives and biases in some of the top stories of our time:

I covered Joseph KONY's atrocities at their worst in Uganda, 14 years ago. If you want to meet some of his tragic victims and the brave nuns who tried to save them. See a report I did for 60 Minutes:

  • Paradigm Malibu

    Christiane- Your work is second to none! If you're on the air- we are there!

al Qaeda plot: The story behind the story

'In the Footsteps of Bin Laden,' is a documentary on the life and mission of Osama bin Laden. Using firsthand accounts of the people who knew him best throughout his life. The film details bin Laden's transformation from a quiet, well-bred boy to the Western world's most wanted terrorist.

Sometimes this is just the best way to read a newspaper:

Working with our producer Bob on tonight’s program.

THINK YOU KNOW WHAT IRAN IS UP TO? You might be surprised. Watch this 25 minute special program online to get the answers:

Catching my eye… and yours? This is a link to my share and tell – the stories we all need to know today and why they matter. Take a read and feel free to respond…