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Hollywood & Hearst Tour! New at the Hearst Castle!

There is a new tour now available at The Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA, just outside of Cambria! It is the much anticipated tour of parts of the Hearst Castle, not regularly seen by visitor! Reservations strongly recommended as only 8 people per tour are allowed!

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Mr. Hearst loved a good glass of beer from time to time

Fresh baked breads prepared daily in the massive castle kitchen

All of the food prepared in the castle came from a state of the art kitchen of the time

A childhood memory for Mr. William Randolph Hearst, sits in his private office

No detail was left undone in each room in the castle

The ceiling inside one of the two tower peaks

One of Mr. Hearst, clandestine hallways which would allow him to visit his guests, at any time, sometimes unannounced!

A peak into the private office of William Randolph Hearst, larger than most standard homes in America!

In one of the grand private libraries of the castle, celebrities such as Groucho Marx, would move furniture around and play games to unwind

At a Heart lavish pool party, swimwear was included

The shady side of the Neptune pool was great for lounging

If you have not had the opportunity to visit The Hearst Castle, make sure to add it to your bucket list of interesting tours that you must see!

An antique phone that was top of the line during the time

The master bedroom of , William Randolph Hearst the castle owner!

A very rare glimpse in the bedroom of Mr. Hearst

Seat assignment was very important to the many guests who wanted to be next to the Head of the table William Randolph Hearst.

Liquors from his private stock, this during the height of the prohibition period.

It's been said that you were not part of the high society in crowd of the time unless you were one of the select few to "Have stayed at Hearst Castle or waiting to Stay there!"

The famous actor David Niven stayed in this room! All bachelors who stayed on the property felt special when assigned by Mr. Hearst to this particular room.

Dressing mirror for the female guests were elaborate - no detail left undone.

Every fixture in the castle is handmade by the top artisans of the time.

Beautiful one of a kind paintings adorned all the rooms in the castle.

One of many guest bedroom at the Hearst Castle. They enjoyed the lap of luxury.

Dinner parties hosted by William Randolph Hearst, always supplied everything you needed, even the outfits for the party!

Breathtaking balcony views overlooking the Hearst property--acres and acres of land!

Ornate statues like this one adored the path of arriving guests!

A special tour guide with in-depth knowledge of the new Hollywood and Hearst Tour, is assigned to an exclusive group of 8 people!

Marketing & PR Director for Hearst Castle, Mr. Jim Allen. Mr. Allen shares an amazing wealth of knowledge about the history of the Hearst family, properties, their political power, Hollywood's stars, and movie moguls and their connection to the castle. Ask about the Hearst and Hollywood Tour and the get the scoop of what really happened behind closed doors.. William Randolph Hearts invented entertainment/gossip journalism! You can ask Allen anything. Do you really want to know the whole story?

Hearst Castle Neptune Pool in San Simeon, CA

Hearst Castle - San Simeon, CA