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keychain charger. Could be perfect for music festivals, long hikes, or camping.

It sends messages to your phone, reminds you when to drink, and keeps a record of your hydration levels.

Is This the Water Bottle of the Future?

Portion-control serving utensils for starch, veggies, and protein. $15 for the set. REALLY good idea.

Salad Dressing bottle that measures out 2 tablespoons...great for counting calories!

For kids to put in pockets in big crowds. Iphone app to track them if you get separated. Also uses GPS to track your keys, phone, dog, etc. Useful! Or to track drunk friends | |

No more "I-won't-take-my-medicine" wars! This everyday sippy cup has a brilliant secret: a hidden medicine dispenser inside! When your child requires medication, just fill it as needed, snap it in place, and let your child's favorite beverage mask the taste. Beats diluting medications directly, because you can see exactly how much medication your child consumes. Invented by a doctor dad for his own children.

For your cutest houseplant.

love the shampoo and conditioner