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Wild rose + Arrow = tattoo idea for me and my husband. I would add a the letter "D" in it for our last name. Wild rose meaning- State flower for Iowa, where we were born and married, Arrow meaning- No matter how far in life you get pulled back, you'll eventually go forward to something great. Plus another meaning to arrows means Love and for us the love for hunting

absolutly in love with the placement of her tattoo. The script is a little long but would look perfect for my 4 letter word!

Little by little one travels far. - Tolkien

Placement: dam right!

Flowing cursive - fideli certa merces Latin: To the faithful, reward is certain

design, circle, logos, colors

Logo Design - Premade Custom logo - Modern and clean logo template, circle watermark for photographers, professional logo, brand design

"You'll never know dear, how much I love you…"

"Enjoy the Little Things" tattoo, quote, script tattoo, thigh tattoo, tattoos for girls, belly piercing

freezer paper stencil shirt DIY with "hello" or "oh hey" templates free to download use to make your own. such a fun and easy project!

This is what I want for my tattoo!! (aka.. the one I'll probably never get) but it will say "felix felicis"