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Kevin de Bruyne of the Belgian World Cup 2014 team.

Holy shit Flying Tomato! Shaun White, when did this happen?!

Richard Reed Parry. My fave ginger in Arcade Fire.

Ewan Mc Gregor.

Arthur Darvill. British, in Doctor Who, musician, and also a ginger. Pretty sweet combo.

Benedict Cumberbatch. Ginger Sherlock. I'm definitely a genuine Cumberbitch now.

Damien Lewis. I don't watch Homeland, but maybe I need to start...

He may only be a semi-ginger, but he's probably my ultimate celebrity crush

Greg Rutherford, aka The Ginger Wizard. Gold medal Olympic long-jumper. Just look at that smile. Aww.

Neil Patrick Harris' Ginger Doppelganger

Asher Roth - Fratrap hottie

Rupert Grint, of course.

Claude Giroux of the Philly Flyers. Hot.