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A trick to teach kids how to hold their pencil the correct way. Who knew?

Handwriting without tears touch and flip cards

HWT Connections | Easy Ways to Make Handwriting Instruction Multisensory | Handwriting Without Tears

Using paper with double lines for handwriting @ Handwriting Without Tears.

If you use Handwriting Without Tears, then you'll love this video about Frog Jump Capitals!

HWT Connections | 4 Steps to Teach Correct Grip | Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears Video for teaching "Frog Jump" capital letters

Language and Literacy Curr. thru Handwriting without Tears!! Perfect for PreK

Handwriting without tears. There are a bunch of videos giving ideas for activities on their website.

Descending Letters are the letters that extend below the line in handwriting. Have your child watch this fun video to learn about them.

If you use Handwriting Without Tears, then you'll love this video about Frog Jump Capitals!

For Handwriting Without Tears lovers: The Magic C Rap.

Preschool Lesson: Teaching Children to Write Their Names With Dough

Handwriting Without Tears YouTube channel is an excellent way to see it in action, to learn teaching tips and pointers for using the program.

A collection of shape pieces for students to practice capital letter formation. Excellent to use with Handwriting Without Tears!

At one time I thought, "I know how to write, why do I need a curriculum to teach it?" To this day, my adult daughter wishes she had better handwriting. I found Handwriting Without Tears when my son was struggling with severe Asperger's-related fine motor skills issues. Thanks to HWT, today he has beautiful handwriting that anyone can read. I've since gone on to use it with my 2 youngest neuro-typical children. It's fun, it's easy to teach, & it works! Great in a classroom or homeschool.