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Call me Rita, margarita!

Screaming Banshee (1oz Vodka 1oz Creme de Banana 1oz Creme de Cacao 3oz Cream)

Screaming Banshee

Texas Fever Water (Makes 5 gallons) (1 ¾ liter (big bottle) vodka 1 ¾ liter (big bottle) rum 1 gallon orange juice 4lb bag of sugar 1 small bottle grenadine sliced orange, lemon and lime rounds, apples, blueberries, strawberries (any fruits) large bottle maraschino cherries, juice and all)

Craving Comfort: Cocktails for a Crowd (Dana's Texas Fire Water)

Buddha's Hand and Thai Basil Cocktail // HonestlyYUM

Buddha's Hand and Thai Basil Cocktail

The Cayman Lemonade! Delicious, but dangerous as well…considering it tastes exactly like lemonade but there is not one ounce of actual lemonade in the drink! Enjoy! 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Triple Sec 1 oz Peach Schnapps, Cranberry juice, Club Soda. Mix vodka, triple sec and peach schnapps in a shaker. Pour over ice, add a squeeze of lime and a splash of cranberry juice and club soda. Stir and enjoy!!


10 cocktails to serve at your holiday parties

We have a tutorial for this one on the channel: Drunken Melon Balls ================ Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew melon Vodka Pineapple ...

Peach Margarita's with Peach Schnapps! 1/2 cup tequila 1-1/2 cups margarita mix 2 ounces Peach Schnapps 16 ounces (about 2 cups) of peaches 1 Tablespoon of sugar (optional if peaches are not sweet) 1 cup crushed ice Fresh lime for garnish Salt

Peach Margarita's

Strawberries & Cream Cocktail - Style Estate -

Strawberries & Cream Cocktail - Style Estate -

Latin Love (- 1 1/2 oz Cruzan coconut rum - 1 1/2 oz coconut cream - 1/4 oz banana liqueur - 1 1/2 oz cream raspberry puree - 3 oz pineapple juice Garnish: coconut flakes)

Captain Morgan and Apple Cider--Great Fall Drink! Should have tried those one in NY when I lived down the road from the cider mill

Peach Raspberry Smoothie with Almond Milk. 84 calories

Blue Diamond - Our Recipes

As a young adult, this is great! 2 ingredient cocktails!

Homemade Pears in Vanilla Syrup

put up or shut up !: CANNED PEARS IN VANILLA SYRUP

Homemade Pear Liqueur

pear liqueur and pear garden cocktail recipe | use real butter

Homemade Raspberry Liqueur

Homemade Raspberry Liqueur