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Cammy Crotty

Cammy Crotty

pigs!#cute baby Animals #Baby Animals| your-cute-baby-an...

I wanna go on a sleigh ride!!

faux granite counter top for less than $25- I am doing this! Think even me and my non-handyman husband could handle this.

Table numbers

Mountains and beach...Hawaii!

  • Ginny Mills

    Definitely don't like the chandeliers, but I like the space, the look, the brick wall w/ wood floors, wall sconces, chair with lamp in the corner, etc.

  • Sarcasm Goddess

    love brick walls!

  • Janet Trethewey

    Who needs matching chairs, especially with such a big table!

  • Nichole Hieronimus

    Everything about this fits me and my style its only missing some pink and purple wildflowers and a few crystal chandelier candle centerpieces :)