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Fantastic! Gross Motor Bingo from the Inspired Treehouse (@insptreehouse) Just Google "gross motor bingo inspired treehouse to find the page and download!!- - click on pin for more! - Like our instagram posts? Please follow us there at

Do your sand creations fall apart too quickly? Make some sticky sand - it's quick, only takes 3 ingredients, and can be used for lots of sensory fun!

Sticky Sand Sensory Play - Simple Fun for Kids

Kids can build structures with foam blocks and shaving cream to practice fine motor skills including spreading and stacking. Plus, the shaving cream adds an additional sensory element to this activity that kids love! #finemotor #sensory #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Fine motor skills: Building with foam blocks and shaving cream

My Five Senses (+ printable)... Simply by being thoughtful about what children touch, hear, see, and smell during a learning experience, we can turn an ordinary lesson into lasting memory.

Hammer Learn Busy Bag: FINE-MOTOR practise for little hands while working on NUMBER, SHAPE, and LETTER recognition! {One Time Through} #kids #busybags #alphabet

Tripod grasp activity for preschoolers and toddlers. So much learning with this cheap and easy activity~ colors, sorting, patterns, counting... {Sugar Aunts}

Sugar Aunts: Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity for Kids

Toddler Approved!: Shape Rockets- Back to School Basics

Toddler Approved!: Shape Rockets- Back to School Basics

Mr Potato Head- students get to add one piece at a time as a reward, but they lose pieces sometimes too. The class earns a prize when he gets all his pieces. I would also take photos of each "completed" potato to display as a record of their creativity.