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Wax paper bow: take four sheets of wax paper cut roughly into 12×12 squares. Layer on top of each other and then fold back and forth like a fan and then tie in the center with a bit of string our twine…

Awesome 50th bday gag gift... 1 of the ideas : For some people, turning 50 is great! So, count out 50 rocks and wrap them up nicely, and label your gift with "50 Rocks!

50th birthday gift for dad- each child did 10 cards (3 kids) mom did 20... Totaling 50 reasons we love dad! Punched holes with 1/8" punch and put a ring through, then beaded the ring. Could do this for any birthday!Dad loved it!

A silly 50th birthday gift for a coworker. Candy jar filled with 30 blow pops, 40 gum balls and 50 pop rocks. If 30 sucks and 40 blows then 50 rocks!!!

GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!!!! Keep the mess off the counter! $4.00

Pinner said: Hint hint! STOCKING STUFFER! $10! this would be perfect to have in your purse, for whenever you cant find an outlet and your phone is about to die, like shopping, etc. I need this!!! Good stocking stuffer!!

"Quick Change" Baby Shower Gift ~ How cute! Just grab a bag and go. It's already loaded with diaper, wipes, and sanitizer. Brilliant idea!

Oodles of simple but cute gift ideas, perfect for visiting teaching, teacher gifts or neighbor gifts.

This is the best tutorial I've yet found for that whole DIY photo canvas that people are into doing. So easy to follow, and encouraging. Takes just minutes. Imagine the gifts you can make for family and friends! Gotta try this!