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Candace Dempsey

Candace Dempsey

At night: Pinterest addict. Day job: award-winning travel writer, author of Murder in Italy, about Amanda Knox. Write Italyest and Ways to Escape blogs. Interv

Murder in Italy, my book about Amanda Knox, on the shelf at Powell's in Portland, Oregon. What a thrill.

I must have Kate Middleton's Rebecca Taylor suit.

Diane Arbus. Giant with parents. 13ARBUS2-master675.jpg

Young Mongolian girl with eagle. From Chimes for Change.

Young Mongolian girl and her eagle. From Chimes for Change.

Leather & Wool Crepe Dress, Black. I want!

Ancient Romans quarried rock to build their city, which later expanded over the tunnels.

Mount Roraima, a Mystified Hiking Experience

23 Recipes To Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos / Day Of The Dead

Zeppole from Giada DeLaurentis. Made this for friends last night and spooned berries over them. Yum. So easy too.

Shoes speak louder than words. So true!

Women in the game industry have taken to Twitter around the hashtag #1reasonwhy to describe the sexism in games and their industry.

Pasta Calamari Napoletana

Pompeii was glorious before Mt. Vesuvius struck. A glorious summer resort.

Who knew you could make Bumpy Cakes at home? Or cupcakes.

Sanders Chocolate Fudge Bumpy Cake. A friend brought this over last week. Oh my God.

landscapelifescape: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy Ghosts of the gallery by Bojkovski

Colors of Sicily (via Blue, Azzurro, Bleu) (via thenewdolcevita)

Monte Cristallo, Dolomites of Trentino | Italy (by Cesare Schiraldi) (via thenewdolcevita)

Once upon a time in Milan