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The America I Know & Love

My review of Last Ounce of Courage on @USDailyReview: Here’s my first bit of advice. Before you go to the theater, stop and pick up a box of tissues. Do not open that box until you walk through the door of the theater. Sit down and hold tight, because you’re going to use just about every one of them. This was a stunning movie, certainly the best performance of Marshall Teague’s career, bar none.

Even though the principles and the integrity of the Constitution are being forsaken and threatened, I stand up for Agency, Freedom, Liberty and will abide and protect the principles of the Constitution.

When my father came to America as a young man, his most fervent dream came to pass. Here, he bought a grocery store, ran an insurance agency, and largely made the American Dream stand up and sing. God bless America.

When I see the American flag rippling in the breeze against the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, a thrill of patriotism runs through my soul. How I love America and all that she offers to her citizens and the world. We must protect her against all who would destroy her as an ensign to the world of freedom, liberty, and justice. May God bless America and the efforts of her citizens to restore her. May she always remain the last best hope of the earth. ~ Candace Salima