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Well sometimes your parents just take too long!!!! Hang in there champ!!

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When I do something hilarious, which let's face it is all the time. I think to myself, why do I not have my own television show?

There are many benefits for being related to me. For example: I'm your sibling... You're welcome.

only for a few rounds, then I died and had to watch her play as Mario for hours and beat the game. "Don't touch the TV!"

Funny Birthday Ecard: Happy birthday to a sister who has the best sister in the world!

Go get Mom!

That one sibling is me. Because my sister only has one...

I too had this realization after my brother was born. Oy... Being a middle child... ;)

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This generation is doomed…

This generation is doomed…

I just laughed way too hard at this.

Calm Them... - The Meta Picture

This made me laugh

There has been a miracle…