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I Stand All Amazed ASL take TWO

2014 Primary song updates for the Primary Chorister singing wheel--free download. Fun!

Cupid's Arrow game: kids load a Q-tip in their straw one at a time and blow them out aiming for the bowl. Most in wins!

Room Mom 101: Food

SINGING TIME IDEA: LDS Hymns in ASL - He Sent His Son

2014 Primary song updates for the Primary Chorister singing wheel--free download. Fun!

Primary Singing Time: Latter-day Prophets (CS p. 16)

SINGING TIME IDEA: Music For Primary: Teaching "He Sent His Son" This look fantastic. Good visuals/objects. I also like the pointer finger idea! A

Christmas LDS Music Quiz from "The Friend"

Primary Singing Time Ideas Singing Magic: Christmas

this is a great idea for family home evening or primary music time - get your kids to sing the christmas songs louder by trying to get the star to the top of the tree! the louder they sing, the higher it gets!|

SINGING TIME IDEA: Build a nativity as you travel the road to grandma's house. Put Christmas practice songs on the back of nativity pieces. I think I'll even use this (modified of course) for nursery music.

SINGING TIME IDEA: Lesson Plans of an OCD Primary Chorister: Activity: Primary Song Snowflakes... Singing time for Dec 8 if they know The Nativity Song well, Dec. 29 if they don't!!

SINGING TIME IDEA: Indoor Snowball Toss Game from We Made That

We Made That: Indoor Snowball Toss Game

SINGING TIME IDEA: The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister: Disguise the Turkey

SINGING TIME IDEA: How to Teach Children to Sing: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

SINGING TIME IDEA: WORD SCRAMBLES (adapted from Primary Music Workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah) Showing a word strip with the words to the song you will be singing (or clue words that will lead up to a song that will be sung) or written in scrambled form. Allow the children a moment to see if they can quietly, mentally unscramble the words. Instruct them to raise their hands when they've figured out the song. Turn the word strip over to show everyone the correct words/ name of song to be sung.

SINGING TIME IDEA: Thanksgiving games

SINGING TIME IDEA: OCD chorister Christmas Song

Music, A Prophet Lives Clive Romney

A Prophet Lives Today - Friend Oct. 2003 - friend