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Fill our clear Flower Pot Votive Cups with chocolate putting, sprinkle crumbled chocolate cookies and top it with a fresh sprig of mint. This is a fun and delicious treat for friends or guest to enjoy.

15 Hour Scented Votive Candles - 17 different fragrances

Small Pillar Shaped Tealight Holders

Votive Holders - Clear Glass Round Votive Holders

10 Inch Floating Bowl for wedding centerpieces

Cylinder Vase and Pillar Candle Set. Perfect for wedding centerpieces

3" x 4" Pillar Candles - Wholesale Unscented Candles. Perfect for wedding centerpieces

Hurricane Vases - 7.5" Clear Glass Hurricane Vase. Perfect for wedding centerpieces

8 Hour Disposable Fuel Cell for restaurants

Floating Tea Light Holders - Floating Glass Holders

LED TEalights - Battery Operated Tealights

Tealight Candles - Lowest Prices on the Market

4" Tall Votive Holders (Set of 72) Perfect for wedding centerpieces

Yes These tea lights burns for 7 hours!

6" Square vases. Perfect for any centerpieces

Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

4" Natural Moss Ball. Great For any Decoration

Clear Glass Votive Holders

4" Tall Votive Holders - Perfect for centerpieces - Everybody Love them!

3x9" Pillar Candles - Perfect for any centerpieces at wedding receptions

Great Centerpieces - Floating Tealight Holders are great perfect for ponds and pools.

Amazing Wedding Centerpieces

Holiday Scent - Flame less Pillar Candles

12" Unscented Taper Candles