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Recycle/Upcycle DIY with Candle Jars!

Here are some ways to recycle those empty soy candle jars. - use our Candle Crest jars or any jars and lets RECYCLE!! This board is growing fast so watch out for more DIY projects ~ tips on candles ~ projects ~ Fun crafts with the kids and so much more. I hope you get crafty, recycle and enjoy!

Recycled candle jars. These will hold my desk paperclips and pins. Rinse out completely, dry, cut strip of scrapbook paper, fit inside. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie a bow around the outside edge and voila! :)

Two recycled candle jars...clean out excess candle with hot water, peal of old labels and paint, add a tea lite candle. Or would make for cute pen holders!

Growing green onions from the scraps in an old candle jar! Froze the candle to get rid of the remaining wax, a tip I also saw on Pinterest!

use a any old candle jar to store matches instead of an ugly box. Just trim the strike pad from the box and use double sided tape to affix it to the bottom of your jar!

  • Angela Lamendola

    You can also glue sandpaper to the top or bottom and us that to strike the match ;)

Sand + a photo from vacation + a recycled candle jar = a memory jar for kids

Recycling Candle Jars: love the idea of storing all our shells together and to keep dust free...

Arts and Crafts: Recycling Candle Jars

Stylish Settings: Recycling a Candle Jar

Stylish Settings: Recycling a Candle Jar

Recycled candle jar made into cat treat container.

Lace Mason Jar...I would put these EVERYWHERE!!

I Need Your Favourite Mason Jar Ideas! - Weddingbee

Turn your empty candle jars into adorable vases!

Decorate empty cleaned out candle jars with stickers and whola! So cute for the bathroom!

I have so many recycle glass candle jars that would be perfect for this pretty Christmas craft. After my candle has burned as far as it can go, I fill the jar with hot water and a little soap to get the rest of the wax out (wax can be recycled too!). Peel off any stickers and then redecorate the jar with ribbon, lace, or whatever decor floats your boat :)

mumsboven: Hieperdepiep...

Aww take a used candle jar and give a little goldfish a new or temporary home. Clean u p the jar first please

Make those empty candle jars a beautiful vase! Simple & Easy!

Jampotjes versieren - diy huwelijksdecoratieTrouwen in Toscane

trick for getting the last bit of wax out of your candle jars, 1 - Pop the candles in the freezer overnight. The next day, go around the edge of the wax with a sharp knife, and shove the knife down to the bottom of the jar and wiggle the wax out. No boiling water needed. 2. Pour boiling water into jar, let cool a few hours, remove wax. DO NOT pour waxy water down the drain.

Jars for Things
  • Cheyenne Matos

    An easier alternate would be to let candle soak in water overnight, lightly pry the side of the wax on them bottom with spoon and it should slide right out!

How cute are these? Used old candle jars, baby food jars or whatever you have. Decorate and fill with goodies. Adorable gifts!