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Jewelry Displays & Craft Fairs

I'm pinning this to my jewelry making board, but this is a fantastic DIY idea for a paperweight! Most jewelry makers who work with wire should have the materials. :) Perfect for the lesser used glass chip beads I have lying around.

Earring Cards - Clever ways to make snazzy, cheap earring cards for shows. I need to make more earrings. Also, I need cards for my fan necklaces. Might try some of these ideas with something sturdier on the back - like foam board or cardboard.

My new jewelry display box, designed for earring cards and chains. It can be hung (for outdoor shows) or stood on a table for indoor shows. I put a piece of foam in and close the latch to pack up.

earring displays for craft shows | Birdy Chat: DIY Craft Show Earring Display

Birdy Chat: DIY Craft Show Earring Display

To create this bangle stand all you need is an old picture frame, some wooden dowels (from Michaels or other craft stores) and 1 inch cup hooks . Headbands or bracrelets!

Creative Wishes: Bangle Stand from Picture Frame

Jewelry Tree - Great idea! Find an interesting branch, and then showcase a vintage jar or vase. Love it.

Great way to display. Packaged and ready to give as a gift to well-deserving you or a friend. I love the fabric detail.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry