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The grave marker of Thomas Bardsley, beautiful in its simplicity. Mr. Bardsley died in the Hillcrest Mine explosion of 1914, which killed 189 coal miners. Hillcrest Cemetery, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

Granary Burying Ground in Boston, MA founded in 1660. Buried here are Boston Massacre victims, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and Ben Franklin's parents


Henry VIII’s Final Resting Place

Move Not Those Bones - A fascinating article that describes how the hunt for coal is destroying Appalachian graveyards.

Move Not Those Bones

Sir Thomas More family's vault in St Dunstan's Church (Canterbury) - More asked that his foster/adopted daughter Margaret Clement (née Giggs) be given his headless corpse to bury.He was buried at the Tower of London,in the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula in an unmarked grave.His head was fixed upon a pike over London Bridge for a month, according to the normal custom for traitors.His daughter Margaret (Meg) Roper rescued it,possibly by bribery,before it could be thrown in the River Thames.

~Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial~ Europe's largest United States' World War II military cemetery, with the graves of 10,489 American soldiers who died during World War II. Most of the men were killed during the United States' drive to expel German forces from the fortress city of Metz toward the Siegfried Line and the Rhine River. The soldiers were mostly from the U.S. Seventh Army's Infantry and Armored divisions and its cavalry groups.

The Fallen by Ryan Wyckoff | 500px

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Close up of 'The Angel' by Giulio Monteverde, Giulio Monteverde family grave, Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome, Italy

Life goes on: German soldiers grave on the Havel 1946.

In Hugo, OK (Circus City USA) there is a cemetery that has a special section for deceased circus performers. There are some very interesting headstones with elephants, clowns, and big top tents.

Christina Rossetti, poetess, sister to Dante Gabriel Rosetti, and author of "in the Bleak Midwinter".

Christina Rossetti (1830 - 1894) - Find A Grave Memorial

How to Use Cornstarch to Read Unreadable Cemetery Stones

Using Cornstarch to Read Unreadable Cemetery Stones

Sarcophagus and lid with relief of Married couple. Etruscan circa late 4th–early 3rd century BCE.

Victor Borge~~Birth: Jan. 3, 1909 Death: Dec. 23, 2000~~Burial: Putnam Cemetery Greenwich Fairfield County Connecticut, USA Plot: * Half of cremated remains~~He loved to say "And I wish to remind you that the smile is the shortest distance between people, and the more we smile, the less we fight. Because to my knowledge, no one ever fought smilingly...and won. So not good-bye, then. Never good-bye. Just... so long."

Victor Borge (1909 - 2000) - Find A Grave Memorial

Walking in the cemetery, found this. It is the most visited grave. Someone or others decorate it, seasonal. Greenlawm Cemetery, Columbus OH

Viking Swords at Stavanger Sword Monument, Stavanger, Norway

Barbara Hutton (1912-1979) Granddaughter of F. W. Woolworth. She was known as the "poor little rich girl' and was married seven times (one of her husbands was Cary Grant).

Morgan Earp - Western Lawman. The brother of Western figure Wyatt Earp, he is best known for the gunfight with Ike Clanton's gang at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.

Nikola Tesla's ashes are contained in a golden sphere (his favorite shape) at the Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia.

Christa McAuliffe (1948 - 1986) Teacher/astronaut, she died in the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger