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Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions

Official page of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity: 15-21 June 2014. Coverage by SapientNitro

Game Changers was featured in the 2013 New York Times holiday gift guide

Sharp suited Eric Hadley from The Weather Channel at Gotha club for the Diddy show. #CannesLions

Army fatigue, grey maxi dress, green cross-body bag for pop of color | Gianluca Di Tondo from and Sandra Krstic from @DDB Worldwide at the DDB party on Boulevard de la Croisette. #CannesLions

Glenn Brown from twitter, Eddy Moretti from Vice and Oliver Laubscher from Groupm at the Twitter Party in Penthouse on Boulevard de la Croisette. (Photo by Ella Pellegrini) #CannesLions

P Diddy at the Medialink and Clear Channel Vip Dinner at Hotel du Cap, Antibes. (Photo by Ella Pellegrini) #CannesLions

A passionate Conan O’Brien at Time Warner, Inc.’s ‘What Connects in Comedy’ seminar (Photo by Ella Pellegrini)

Watermelon & rosé at the Carlton beach (via @ahadii_)

"Adaptive experimentation is the only valid way to determine the ROI of creativity." -Jerry Wind, The Wharton School | Overheard at #CannesLions

Storytelling is still fundamental to our experiences. Despite the incredible explosion of technology, we all still love stories." -Sir John Hagerty | Overheard at #CannesLions

"We are not here just to be artists. We are the marriage between art and commerce." -David Droga | Overheard at #CannesLions

Advertising, Art & Resistance. | Pete Favat, CCO Arnold Worldwide | Overheard at #CannesLions

"As for me, I'd rather spread memes than genes anyway." - Richard Dawkins | Overheard at #CannesLions

"If your client is not scared of your idea, it is not good enough." -Amir Kassaei, CCO @DDB Worldwide | Overheard at #CannesLions

"If too many people know your name, change it. Then change it again." -Sean Combs | Overheard at #CannesLions