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Why memorize scripture with your kids?

Why Memorize Scripture with Your Children? - Kids in the Word

website with some great Christian coloring pages, Bible stories and lessons for kids ♥

Bible Coloring Pages

We used this as our base for the Fruit of the Spirit tree we created in another craft time...

All Play On Sunday: The Fruits of the Spirit

Milk Cap Mania!!!!! Bible Games and Reviews Made from Bottle Caps!!!!

Hands On Bible Teacher: Early Arrival Activity

I'm calling it "Vacuum Verses" - adapted from a game in the Alabama Baptist Convention youth Bible drill ideas book. The photo is blurry because the kids are frantically trying to be the first to suck up all of the parts to the Bible verse and put them in order. :)

bible game

Bible Games - The Ten Commandments For Kids

Old and New Testament Books of the Bible - (easy!) Sorting Game. Using 2 bags - label one Old Testament and the other New Testament. Add cards that have the names of the books of the Bible. It is a great introduction for new drillers and younger children who are beginning to learn their books of the Bible.

Draw Your Sword game to familiarize kids with Bible and help with Scripture memorization. From Look to Him and be Radiant's Armor of God lessons

Look to Him and be Radiant: Armor of God- Draw Your Sword Game

10 Bible Verses for Brothers & Sisters - The Pennington Point

10 Bible Verses for Brothers & Sisters - The Pennington Point

Character Badges is a system perfect for homeschoolers from The Modest Mom Blog for behavior training that focuses on godly character. The system is simple, but well thought out and clear for parents and children. I'm definitely trying it with my kids.

Wow……just like that he understood how to use these virtues in every day life. I was thrilled to see this little lesson already affecting him!~Review of the Family Kit by The New Farmer's Wife

We Choose Virtues Review and Giveaway!

Tiny Hearts Blog: Lesson 13: Noah's Ark

Games to memorize the books of the Bible. I like the cup stacking game! Also redirects to other sites, which includes a version of the OT books sung to "Ten Little Indians."

Learning the Books of the Bible - Spell Out Loud

I'm going to be doing a women of the Bible series. This will be helpful. FREE women of the Bible matching game

Women of the Bible Matching Game

25 Free Printable Bible Games

Bible File Folder Games

Sunday School Craft Corner

Sunday School Craft Corner

Fishing for Men...scripture mastery activity - for each team have a set of fish/men shapes (one word of Jeremiah 16:16 per fish) team members fish with straws to put the words of the scripture in order.

The Fantastic Five: Bible Alive! Tuesday: Fishing for Men...

Scripture memory. Do not let any evil talk come from your mouth verses written on long strip of paper rolling out of poster board mouth. Kids can paint the mouth.

In order to help my son learn Philippians 4:8, I wrote the things that we're told to think about onto a pair of inexpensive cleaning gloves. Now, he can count them on his fingers as he says them.

Mirror Scripture Cards - making them for life verses or inspiration to hang on mirrors

20 Ways to Honor the Sabbath with Kids. Great ideas for games, service, and family bonding.

Kingsley Corner: 20 Ways to Honor the Sabbath as a Family

30 easy scriptures for toddlers to memorize.

30 Easy Bible Memory Verses for Preschool Children