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steampunkery toolbelt... perhaps a variation on this rather 'medical' looking toolkit and instead make a more mechanic/engineer's toolbelt.

<p>It’s like a soufflé in a skillet—or would be if we could figure out how to keep it from collapsing before it got to the plate.</p>

Fluffy Omelet - America's Test Kitchen

McBride’s Analytic Comparator- by Duncan Eagleson

亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 : Photo

fireplace made from old war sea mine.

Marinemine | The mine furniture

Truly Awesome Steampunk Mouse | The Steampunk Workshop

Truly Awesome Steampunk Mouse | The Steampunk Workshop

Steampunk, octopus lamp

Neck Corset pattern

RP011 - Ralph Pink Patterns

computer mouse

25 Awesome Steampunk Creations - Holytaco

Steampunk airship by Edward J. “Skeeter” Wachtendonk Sr. Flying Dutchman Co. This is a metal and fabric airship sculpture the lights inside the Zeppelin illuminate and a motor with numerous gears animate, move, paddle, spin and turn just about everything on the ship.

The Great iPhone Victrola: by artist Will Rockwell

Steampunk iPhone Victrola Plays great music for you

victorian iron stove, steampunk

Antique French Cast Iron Stove

Steampunk keyboard for your computer.

Most intricate Steampunk Keyboard a beauty for female punks!

Vintage Look mechanical switch keyboard

Retro Thing: Build Your Own Retropunk Keyboard

Vintage Edison Laboratory Stand Table Lamp by VintageLightCompany, $175.00

Steampunk Mouse DIY! cmm

Steampunk Mouse