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Mullet-On-The-Go: Never feel out of place at Wal-Mart again and its perfect for those White Trash Parties too!

Mullet on the Go Headband

"For tall yogis like me, a block is a game changer when the floor seems oh-so-far away. (Oh, hello, floor! You were there all along!)" — Amelia Edelman, content editorManduka Recycled Foam Block, $16, available at Manduka.

The BEST $20 You'll Ever Spend

"I'm a determined wearer of shoes that pinch my feet all too often, and this product is my lifesaver. Or, foot saver, to be more exact. When I'm breaking in a new pair of shoes, I toss this little purple pod in my bag. It dispenses tiny foam sticker strips I can then place on any offending strap or heel. It makes it 'rub-free,' effectively preventing a blister from forming. I'd say it has saved me on more walks home than I can count." — Lisa Dionisio, homepage & email editorDr. Scholl's for Her Rub Relief Strips, $7.99, available at

The BEST $20 You'll Ever Spend

"I can't remember the last time I've painted my nails before 10 p.m. Usually, it's the perfect time to remember that I have something important to do the next day that I would like my digits to look nice for. And, while I've perfected bedsheet-imprint nail art, these lovely drops — they're not exactly new, but they're life-changing regardless — are just the thing to make sure I actually keep my late-night mani in place and don't have to wipe it all off by the time the morning rolls around." — Gina Marinelli, associate fashion features editor Julep 'Ta Da' Quick Dry Polish Drops, $14, available at Nordstrom.

The BEST $20 You'll Ever Spend

"All the live-better sites always advise to keep your electronics away from where you sleep, but I like to watch Netflix and eat chips in bed before passing out. (Don't judge me.) With my iPad, my iPhone, and my iMac surrounding my pillows, I had a mound of chargers and cords strewn across the floor. This adorable ball eats them all up and looks way cuter than a tangled mess." — Sharon Yi, senior editor, brand experiencesAnimewild Great Balls of Wire White Cord Organizer, $11.50, available at Amazon.

The BEST $20 You'll Ever Spend

"I cook way more when I have fresh basil and dill lying around, but I've managed to kill each and every one of my herb plants since they're so finicky about water (one weekend out of town and I return to a pile of sad, wilted twigs). This self-watering planter keeps my babies alive for weeks without my having to water anything. Plus, that dash of green in my kitchen makes me happy every time I see it!" — Connie Wang, style director Lechuza Mini-Cubi Premium, $19.99, available at Amazon.

The BEST $20 You'll Ever Spend

"I could not live without PRID drawing salve. I've heard it's available in most drugstores, but since I'm too embarrassed to go face-to-face with a human in the checkout line when buying it, I order it online. It's just as disgusting and smelly as the name suggests, but it is MAGICAL. It sucks out anything stuck in your skin (splinters, bug bite toxins, ingrown hairs, etc.). BUT, its life-changing application is with zits — those deep, hard, sore, red, life-ruining cysts that border on 'boil' and hang out on your face for weeks at a time. Swap on some PRID, cover the blemish with a Band-Aid (I'd recommend doing this only at night unless your workplace is okay with you looking like Nelly), and just wait for that good stuff to bubble up to the surface so you can pop and drain that sucker. Yep, I'm disgusting." — Gina Volpe, contributing writerSmile's PRID Homeopathic Drawing Salve, $6.99, available at Walgreen's.

The BEST $20 You'll Ever Spend

Cute Gem Adorned Hair Ties that actually look cute around your wrist!

Nike Id shoes

charmed and cheerful: ut prosim

Cargo Sock, Cargosock, SUV liner, liners, compact, standard, full size, rear cargo area, mats, protection, SUV interior protection, sport utility, car, custom cargo liners, universal sizes, floor guard, long-lasting SUB protection.

Cargo Sock, SUV Cargo Liner, compact, standard, full sizes

Great welcome mat for owners of St. Bernards, Great Danes, etc. saucystarr

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