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You HAVE to check these out, they are great ideas and totally mind blowing transformations!

25 Best Costume Tutorials | Maskcara

Every Eyeshadow technique simplified! So awesome!

  • Fábio Carvalho

    Great tips. Cara. Thanks. No eyeliner in this set? For the record, I'm a Mary Kay beauty consultant in Brazil and love your content. =)


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Gorgeous Fall Makeup

Monday Makeover – Danielle | Maskcara
  • Lala H

    I don't even have to scroll all the way down anymore. I know it's yours. :)

  • Cami Beath

    This is so beautiful! Cara, I got your IIID foundation yesterday and am wearing it for the first time today. I love it! It looks natural the texture is so pretty even on my less-than-perfect skin. Thank you! I'm so glad you're able to sell your own product :) You are a champ!

  • Andrea Kazmierczak

    This is a stunning look! I love transitioning makeup from summer to exciting:)!

27 Creative Ways To Decorate Fantastic Feminine Glam Bedroom - ArchitectureArtDe...

Feminine Home Office Decorating Ideas – How to Freelance

Love this! Super simple makeup that will take minutes and look good all day!

Back to School | Maskcara
  • Romy_Gabe McMahon

    ♥! Super fast and no fuss....

  • melissa zonfrilli

    Cara, I love your hair too! The makeup is perfect too. :)

  • Kelci Fredrickson

    You are always beautiful! However, in this photo your mascara looks clumpy and bad! We all know you can do better than this! :) I've pinned almost every single one of your beauty tips! You are amazing! Keep up the good work! We all appreciate and learn from it! :) ♥

  • Kim Demore

    @Kelci Fredrickson - rude much?

  • Anna Lefox

    If only I had such flawless skin in high school!

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The best of the best for every budget!

  • Liz Caro

    Add Josie Maran Illuminater! It's AMAAAZZZING

favorite summer lip colors!

five summer lip colors | Maskcara

The #1 secret weapon I use as a makeup artist.

My Secret Weapon | Maskcara

Frizz free, kink free & heat free beach waves!

Finally! Great tips for hooded eyes!

In the hood | Maskcara

Genius tips to cut your primp time in half!

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This hair is so simple and way easier than it looks!

big hair, don't care | Maskcara

Game changer for girls with freckles.

Makeover Monday Freckled Edition | Maskcara
  • 😃 😁

    Whoa. You are truly gifted, Ms Cara.

  • Tree

    YAY! I'm so glad this is how to NOT cover them up :) :) :)

  • Nicole Liebenberg

    I love this! Freckles are beautiful and should be embraced fully.

Backstage spy. Tips and tricks I learned from behind the scenes at my Allure photo shoot.

Backstage spy work | Maskcara

Don't believe the lies you've heard!

Seeing through the myths of beauty | Maskcara

Eyeshadow school.

Eyeshadow School: The Halo | Maskcara

A quick trick curls that make your hair look super thick!

sky high curls | Maskcara

Makeover Monday Elana | Maskcara
  • Suzette Cherrington

    she looks amazing!!!!!

  • Erin Gough

    I would love to have a makeover like this, maybe then my husband would understand contouring and shading with make up... Right now he thinks all these makeover mondays are photoshopped. ::facepalm::

  • Catherine Morgan

    Wow! Looking good girl! I would love a makeover as long as it is easy :)

  • Laura Morss

    Whoa, she looks 10 years older with makeup (in a good way!) and like one of those gorgeous Kardashian girls. :-)

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Makeover Monday Elana | Maskcara

Highlighting and contouring guide for your face shape! It really makes a difference!

Face Shapes | Maskcara

Simple tips that make a huge difference!

Common makeup Mistakes | Maskcara

Undone messy waves tutorial

“I don’t care” Hair. | Maskcara