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All your questions about lash extensions ANSWERED!

A quick trick curls that make your hair look super thick!

You HAVE to check these out, they are great ideas and totally mind blowing transformations!

Must haves!

My tried and true baby favorites!

Gorgeous Fall Makeup

  • Urban Decay

    Hey @Cara Brook, we love your boards! Urban Decay is all about beauty with a bit of an edge -- seems we've found a kindred spirit. We’ve got some cool campaigns and beauty events in the works and are reaching out to people like you who know their stuff. Would love have you participate. If you’re interested, let us know! Could you email us at so we can chat a bit more about the details?

Doing your hair about 3  times a week is PLENTY in my opinion. 6 awesome tips for getting the most out of your hair!!!!

This really struck a cord with me. My Aunt always describes some of her best life lessons as "A million dollar experience I wouldn't pay 2 cents to have again." I tend to like my red lips to be blu...

  • Stanton Kindle

    Whoa. Stunning.

  • Nicola Burns

    She looks beautiful in the first pic, in the second she looks like a supermodel.

  • Meg Hylton

    Gorgeous! I have a personal question! My eyelashes are just obnoxious. They are long and go every which way. Even with curling them they never behave. Any suggestions on how to tame crazy eyelashes?

  • Mary Cole

    Wow! And this is why I love makeup

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Easy, cheap and natural way to remove your makeup. I've never tried another way I liked better!

  • Kassie Carrion

    Ya! I love coconut oil but that can't be good, doesn't feel like it anyway haha

  • Barky V.

    Coconut oil is actually very good for your skin. Much better for you then anything that has mineral oil in it. I use coconut oil for teeth, hair and skin care.

  • Kassie Carrion

    No I mean I know it's amazing for everything, just not my eyes because I can't see lol

  • Barky V.

    Oh lol. I guess it depends on the person? I use a coconut /vitamin e mixture in a cleaned out mascara bottle on my eyelashes a lot. I only have a problem if I put to much on.

  • Yarie R.M.

    This is ALL I use on my face!

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these are some awesome tips for ageless beauty

  • Chris Auger

    1) she's beautifull irregardless and looks like you. 2) can you contour my face every morning before I go to work????!!! Wow!!

  • Stanton Kindle

    Funny thing, Pinder has a makeup board. Go troll elsewhere, Pinder.

  • Jessica Twitty

    Beautiful before and after! :)

  • sonia wieland

    I LOVE what you wrote about your mom. And you are both so beautiful.

  • Abby Freel

    Are you kidding? Cara and her mom are gorgeous- with or without makeup! They also both seem like wonderful people!

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