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Dramatic Red Lip Inspired By Katy Perry

Makeup tutorial!

Katy Perry Style Glamorous Red Lip | Maskcara

Simple tips that make a huge difference!

Beauty Mistakes | Maskcara
  • Emily Johnson

    You are amazing, seriously!

  • Ma Campi

    Re: brow video...could u address uneven brows? Loads of vids on filling them in. But not many on natural brows that are already defined different shape

Eye shadow school!

Eyeshadow School: The Supplies. | Maskcara

Easy, cheap and natural way to remove your makeup. I've never tried another way I liked better!

Hall monitor alert. | Maskcara

Another Victoria's Secret | Maskcara

Quick everyday brush sanitizer!

Cleaning – Brushes | Maskcara

Step by step details and some really helpful do's and don'ts for taking care of your brushes.

Cleaning – Brushes | Maskcara

Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday – Lori | Maskcara
  • Deborah Geiger

    I love Cara`s makeovers, especially on beautiful ladies like this lovely one!

  • Pammiesbee

    wow great definition of the eyebrows and lashes, subtle change very pretty!

  • Megan Long Lowe

    Cara is amazing. This lady had really pretty features that Cara made prefectly visible.

  • Amy Ramsey

    Her hair is lighter, too?

Photogenic Makeup

Never look bad in a photo AGAIN! | Maskcara

Five fun summer lipsticks!!!

five summer lip colors | Maskcara

Beautiful bronzer!

Big messy Hair Tutorial!!!! an oldie but a goodie.

SEXY HAIR!!! | Maskcara
  • Cara Brook

    Thanks for all your comments!! While I never thought anyone could be offended by the term (I've always thought it was complimentary) I don't want to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable over the name of the pin! Fixed :)

  • Samantha Dean

    @Cara Brook Can you PLEASE do a tutorial for those of us who naturally have hair like this? I cannot figure out how to tame my waves without making them crunchy. :(

  • Dray

    Cara, you are great. :)

  • Sonia White

    Holy cow!!! Are you flipping kidding me?? Over the word "gypsy" for a HAIR tutorial. Cara, next time stick to whatever you want to call it! You can't please everyone, no point in trying ;)

  • Alex Hammer

    I think you look like Adrianne Curry here!

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Makeover Monday! Subtle changes can make all the difference. Isn't she beautiful!!!maskc...

Monday Makeover Juliann | Maskcara
  • Denise Harding

    Dramatic transformation. Awesome!

  • Karen Howes

    I love how your makeovers usually require less makeup, not more.

  • Amanda Imam

    I like her makeover, but her nose just looks too fake with all the bronzer contouring it.

  • Amanda Imam

    but her skin looks so bright!

  • Laura Morss

    I like the shading at the cheeks. That and the brows is what makes the biggest difference to me, and it does look better with less eyeliner. I agree about the nose though... She has a cute one! The shading is fine, but it doesn't need to be skinnified so much, hehe.

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