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Simple tips that make a huge difference!

Beauty Mistakes | Maskcara
  • Emily Johnson

    You are amazing, seriously!

  • Ma Campi

    Re: brow video...could u address uneven brows? Loads of vids on filling them in. But not many on natural brows that are already defined different shape

The Windshield Wiper. So Easy. So effective!

Eyeshadow School: Windshield Wiper | Maskcara

Eye shadow school!

Eyeshadow School: The Supplies. | Maskcara

Easy, cheap and natural way to remove your makeup. I've never tried another way I liked better!

Hall monitor alert. | Maskcara

Another Victoria's Secret | Maskcara

Quick everyday brush sanitizer!

Cleaning – Brushes | Maskcara

Step by step details and some really helpful do's and don'ts for taking care of your brushes.

Cleaning – Brushes | Maskcara

Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday – Lori | Maskcara
  • Deborah Geiger

    I love Cara`s makeovers, especially on beautiful ladies like this lovely one!

  • Pammiesbee

    wow great definition of the eyebrows and lashes, subtle change very pretty!

  • Megan Long Lowe

    Cara is amazing. This lady had really pretty features that Cara made prefectly visible.

  • Amy Ramsey

    Her hair is lighter, too?

Photogenic Makeup

Never look bad in a photo AGAIN! | Maskcara

Summer lipsticks!!!!

five summer lip colors | Maskcara

Five fun summer lipsticks!!!

five summer lip colors | Maskcara

Beautiful bronzer!

Big messy Hair Tutorial!!!! an oldie but a goodie.

SEXY HAIR!!! | Maskcara
  • Cara Brook

    Thanks for all your comments!! While I never thought anyone could be offended by the term (I've always thought it was complimentary) I don't want to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable over the name of the pin! Fixed :)

  • Samantha Dean

    @Cara Brook Can you PLEASE do a tutorial for those of us who naturally have hair like this? I cannot figure out how to tame my waves without making them crunchy. :(

  • Dray

    Cara, you are great. :)

  • Sonia White

    Holy cow!!! Are you flipping kidding me?? Over the word "gypsy" for a HAIR tutorial. Cara, next time stick to whatever you want to call it! You can't please everyone, no point in trying ;)

  • Alex Hammer

    I think you look like Adrianne Curry here!

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Makeover Monday! Subtle changes can make all the difference. Isn't she beautiful!!!maskc...

Monday Makeover Juliann | Maskcara
  • Denise Harding

    Dramatic transformation. Awesome!

  • Karen Howes

    I love how your makeovers usually require less makeup, not more.

  • Amanda Imam

    I like her makeover, but her nose just looks too fake with all the bronzer contouring it.

  • Amanda Imam

    but her skin looks so bright!

  • Laura Morss

    I like the shading at the cheeks. That and the brows is what makes the biggest difference to me, and it does look better with less eyeliner. I agree about the nose though... She has a cute one! The shading is fine, but it doesn't need to be skinnified so much, hehe.

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