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Wall full of paws! I love it!

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I love the pearlescent mosaic tiles around the fireplace! This would look amazing around my fireplace - and it's at the same weird mid-wall height as mine, too!

Great idea! Waterfall enclosed hot tub.

Such a neat site-- you can totally customize your dream house and see how much it would be to build!!!! This is going to entertain me for quite some time.

gray & white chevron wall - baby's room and accent with baby blue or soft petal pink depending on sex

zebra bedroom ideas for kids 3 Zebra Bedroom Ideas for kids, 36 Zebra Ideas

I so want to do this!!! Cut 18 x18 or larger pieces of plywood, home depot cuts them for you. Wrap in fabrics!

Toothbrush that creates a water fountain when placed under tap. Could be fun for the kids, or a total mess, we'll leave that up to you!

2 story closet?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! HELL TO THE YEAH!!! :)