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Random Acts of Kindness/ Secret Service

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41 Random Acts of Kindness ideas - might be cool to do a class challenge!

Sweet Blessings

Great video for middle/high school students on Random Acts of Kindness/ Pay it Forwards. Contains teens graffitiing and bullying (pushing a kid down).

Help Acts of Kindness. Great kindness ideas! ex. Use a deck of cards- each card represents a different Act of Kindness from list. Draw a card, do a deed!

HelpOthers is now KindSpring

Kindness Project: students complete things in each category over the course of a week

The Middle School Counselor

Random Acts of Kindness Week- updated to include RAK week morning announcements -The Inspired Counselor Blog

The Inspired Counselor: Random Acts of Kindness Week

A 16 year old student wrote out 1,986 sticky notes. Each said, "You're beautiful,". She stuck one to every locker in her entire school. Her dream was that for at least one day, everyone would know that someone thought they were beautiful.

'The Message I Wrote On 1,986 Sticky Notes'

Random Acts of Kindness week ideas - The Inspired Counselor blog

Morning coffee (39 photos)

The Crafty Counselor-visual for paying kindness forward

The Crafty Counselor

Postcard exchange during RAK week. Students are paired with other students from their grade (students in different homerooms) and must write what they like about that person.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week - Have students in class create a page showing one RAK that they could do at school, and compile them into a book for the class to keep!

Random Acts of Kindness Week

"Secret Service" group. Assign random service "missions" to students such as befriend someone on the playground who isnt playing with anyone. (random acts of kindness)

tHe fiCkLe piCkLe: Secret Service (Activity Days Activity)