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Some helpful information on how to improve your relationship with your pet.

English Bulldog Puppy Napping

English Bulldog Puppy Napping (Video)

7 Really Clever Dogs (Videos)

Adorable Dog Loves Movies

Molly the Westie: Dog Film Critic? (Video)

10 Tips for Taking Great Pet Photos

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Cozy Cat -- Photo Caption Winners!

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Caught You Being Cute! Contest

Dalmatian adopts spotted lamb (cute video)

"The Ultimate Cat-Stuck-In-Tree Rescue"

The Ultimate Cat-Stuck-In-Tree Rescue

What happens when you let your cat roam outside?

  • Frances Heijman

    He lives the life a cat should live...?

  • Randa Nabarawi

    really .. i am not sure about that.. my cat can't even kill a fly !

  • Priscilla Sieckman

    doing what cats are suppose to do!

  • Priscilla Sieckman

    That's how nature works!

  • Shauna

    I think cats should be kept inside because to much in the world that can hurt and kill them. They kill wildlife when they are hungry...we have a cat colony we feed and no birds etc have been found dead when they are fed. Not sure this shows cats in the most positive way and the point could have been better made!

10 pet complaints that really irritate vets

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Weird Cat Behavior - Photo Caption Winners!
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