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Caribbean style Buffalo Wings. My take on the mango habanero wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. CLICK for the recipe - with video

How we do bananas in the Caribbean - banana punch. Like a smoothie or milk shake, but with more exciting flavors. Click for the full recipe with video tutorial.

A different take on Pineapple Chow (pineapple salad). This time we're grilling the pineapple with some added apple wood smoke for a new level of flavors. Click for the recipe and video tutorial.

An amazing way to do orange chicken on the grill (or oven). Click to see the full recipe with video tutorial.

A delicious Caribbean inspired grilled chicken recipe. Done with mango, coconut milk, honey, limes, herbs and shado beni (culantro , chadon beni). Click for the full recipe with video demo.

Caribbean style oven roasted chicken. Click for the full recipe with video tutorial.

Recipe for making Chicken Foot Souse as it's done in the Caribbean. Souse is a spicy pickle..enjoyed as a soup.

Yet another delicious Caribbean recipe, this time using eddoes and left over stewed pork. Click for the recipe with video demo.

A delicious summer time salad made with oranges and pineapple. click for the recipe with cooking demo.

Caribbean inspired sweet potato crab cakes.. click for the recipe and video tutorial.

True flavors of the Caribbean with this wonderful coleslaw. Click for the recipe and cooking demo.

Crispy Caribbean style chicken wings. Click trough for the full recipe with cooking demo

Here's a delicious way to prepare fish in the oven. the Caribbean inspired herb crust will be the star! Be sure to click though for the full recipe and video demo.

An amazing jerk fish (red snapper) in the oven. Click to see the recipe with video demo

Ginger mango muffins.. diabetic friendly and packed with delicious goodness!

The simplest (and most tasty) curry goat you'll ever make.. and it's done in the oven

One of the most traditional of Caribbean drinks - Sorrel! Learn how to make this 'must-have' drink by clicking through.

Mussels done the Caribbean way - coconut curry! Click for the full recipe with step by step pics and cooking demo.

An amazing way to prepare tuna for sandwiches. Not your everyday tuna spread. Click for the full recipe including a demo video.

Traditional Caribbean soup. Click for recipe and cooking demo

The ONLY way to prepare Brussels Sprouts - so your family will love it! Click through to see how I put a Caribbean spin on Brussels Sprouts.

Making 'livers" sexy! You and your family will love this Caribbean way of preparing Chicken livers. Click through for the full recipe.

This salad SCREAMS Caribbean.. even with the juicy strawberries! Click for the full recipe.

Looking for a delicious way to cook turkey ..necks? Yea, this is the ultimate curry turkey necks recipe.. click for full details.

How brussels sprouts would be done in the Caribbean if we had access to them. Click to read the recipe and watch the cooking demo