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West Indian Philodendron - USVI

Aristolochia Grandiflora or Pelican Flower, is a species of deciduous vine with large flowers that emit an unpleasant odor to humans, but very attractive to insects. The plant is native to the Caribbean They are a magnet for butterflies.

Water lillies at Codrington College, Barbados.

Coral Reef Club

Begonias Named after a former governor of the French colony of Haiti, this flower is thought to symbolize fear and when given to someone it should raise his awareness. However, they’re better known as implying a dreamy and innocent attitude which makes them perfect gifts for kids and creative people.

Frangipani flower in Barbados.

Coral Reef Club

Flower from the genus Clitoria in the Cockpit region of Jamaica.

Cranbrook Flower Forest in southern Jamaica. A haven for gorgeous flowers, giant tree ferns and a myriad of exotic plants.

Dominica, Caribbean

Flower! Cariacou - Caribbean

Beautiful flower on Saba, Dutch Caribbean. courtesy of Restaurant Eden in Windwardside

The Ipomoea grows throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands and is one of the prettiest with brilliant red flowers.

Wild Potato Vine |

Spring Flowers Taking a moment to savour Bermuda's natural beauty

Spring Flowers - The Bermudian

Trinidad and Tobago Avocados

Dominica Giraudel Gardens Woodflower

Blowing Point Anguilla

The official flower of Montserrat. The red Heliconia. Wild in the Silver Hills, Montserrat West Indies.

Flamboyant trees are blooming all over the Caribbean!

Twitter / CaribbeanTrav: Flamboyant trees are blooming ...

St. John, USVI - If you like puckering tart treats, buy a few "Genips" - They’re like the most sweet-sour candy, only they come from a tree. Don’t eat the outside! Bite it in half and suck the inside out.