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Harry Harry Harry potter

another reason this is perfect (besides the obvious) is because fred died when he was only 20, so he was still in his mischievous part of life while george had to live 60 years without his brother and best friend. So he managed the rest of his life without his brother.

HP/Road to El Dorado!! (Even though Trelawney wouldn't have been there when James and Sirius were there, I can totally see her loving this excuse. And I can totally see James and Sirius giving it.)

Yes one of my favorite quotes

This one kills me every single time I see it.

Harry Potter- I like how they consider Forge one person!

Only, my kids WILL know why. They WILL know Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and damn! Never thought of it that way. No apostrophe, which annoys me.

I would be lying if I denied tearing up when I read this..

Not entirely sure about the last one... I'm sure it's in The History of Magic, somewhere.