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You're old if you think this is funny! LOL!!

A relationship that new generations will never know about…

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 88 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 88 Pics

How Do You Keep Student Data?

Simply Speech: How Do You Keep Student Data?

A teacher accidentally wore the same outfit twice, so his wife dared him to keep the joke going. He did...for 40 YEARS

Today, nobody won

Worry about yourself! Hilarious video of a little girl telling it like it is! Quite the independent little girl!

11521_511693325559033_470701997_n.jpg (400×360)

These parents are awesome. This is seriously the best thing ever.

Best use of a Justin Bieber song... SERIOUSLY MUST WATCH. SO FUNNY i want a husband like this!!!

Friends Bloopers. I must remember to play this when I'm having a bad day.

Lion King bloopers! Actual bloopers from the cast while recording, and later animated! (I think they should do this for EVERY disney movie. lol)

So adorable!! Little lamb can hear its owner calling but can't figure out where the voice is coming from. I want one!!