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Proyecto Los sentidos - 5 Sense theme

Cuento sensorial Pablo y los olores + caja de olores.

El mapa de la lengua, el quinto sabor y otras cosas que no sabías sobre los sabores

5 senses kool project.... Thanks Heather for the Picture

Use as a cover for the body book extension in Harcourt. Use their new sight word "My" My eyes see a ________. My ears hear ________. My nose smells________. My hands touch _____.

crayonfreckles: The Black Book of Colors - El libro negro de los colores

sensory balloon with matching cards. great for teaching 5 senses to preschoolers or keeping toddler hands busy!

children can explore with different types of tea flavored raspberry, peach and the like, in order to develop their sense of smell.

PreK science activity: What's that smell?-- This activity is great for teaching kids about observations and using their sense of smell to learn more about an object. This lesson can even integrate writing and reading if you type out the word and show a picture of the actual object.

Mrs. Amys Preschool Class: Taste It, Touch It, See It, Smell It, Hear It, SENSE IT!

exploring the senses with play dough and spices